Hotels and Campfires Are Awesome

{As is breakfast at Perkins at midnight} 

On Thursday afternoon, Hubs surprised me by saying we should take a little getaway on Friday night since I would be am currently en route to China for two weeks.  *soft little sobs*

We talked a lot before we got married how important date night and little getaways would be to our marriage.
We've done pretty good with our Saturday date nights.  
Weekend getaways?!  Not so hot.

Cuz srsly, lovelies, when money is tight and schedules are crazy, planning a night away is the last thing on our minds, ya know?!

But can I say that I am so thankful for a Hubs that makes these things a priority?!  Even when it pinches the budget and is slightly inconvenient to pack up after a long work week.

And to be honest, it was nothing fancy.  Just a Comfort Inn room, with it's ugly, plain walls and generic beige bedspread, in a small city just one hour away.  But we laughed and talked and ate breakfast at Perkins at midnight  and watched shows and even agreed on a boy's name for a future little baby.  Cuz we're just so organized and ahead of the game.  
{Note:  this is not a preggers announcement.  I repeat.  NOT an announcement.}

It was like fresh air to our love for each other.  Hmmm. . . 

Then to make the whole weekend even better, we went to the awesome fall party at the parents house.  
We ate more amazing food and sat by the fire and ate enough halloween candy to give you a toothache and then ended the night lying in the grass on a blanket watching for shooting stars.

Mmhmmm.  Perfect weekend love.

And now, I'm somewhere between a cornfield in Iowa and a rice shop in China.
Pray for safe travels.  And for Hubs' and my lonely hearts.  Such wimps we are, no?!

And don't go to far away cuz I'll be back soon with high tales of my adventures around China.
You seriously won't wanna miss it.

And superawesomePS.  

I'm kinda pumped because as soon as this bloggity blog reaches 100 followers, we're gonna celebrate how awesome all you lovelies are with a sweet giveaway.  
Yeah, ya read it right.  This bloggity's first giveaway!  Whootwhoot!  Kind of a thank you for being cool and following on all the adventures the last several months.

And ya wanna know what it will be?!
Can't tell you.  It's a secret.  But one little hint is that it's coming from my favorite little market in my favorite city of China.  
You won't wanna miss it!!!



  1. you're so cute I love reading your blog! Safe travels!

  2. I love the idea of a weekend getaway. We do our date nights, but I think it would be fun to plan a weekend away. Looks like you two had a great time! Safe travels!

  3. I just found your blog last night. I love it! You and your hubbster are SO cute.


  4. i love love ove love that pic of the two of you. its so cute.

  5. Praying for safe travels.

    You and the Hubs are seriously a ridiculously cute couple! :]

  6. this post seriously made me super happy. {and it's not just because you're gonna be having a super awesome giveaway soon... can't wait} these pictures and thinking of these sweet times you had just left me feeling warm and fuzzy. thanks for that feeling. ;)
    be safe girl!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. I seriously just love your blog. You are so stinkin' adorable.

  8. you are precious. glad you got a getaway in before you left. it looks like a fab weekend. have fun on your trip. praying for you!

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  10. praying you have a safe trip! :D

  11. Glad you and your hubby make getaways a priority. That's something I really need to work on. Date nights? No problem. Getaways? Yeah, not so good with that one.

    ♥ Kylee Noelle

  12. I agree, date nights are so important and weekend getaways are the best. Sometimes just being away from your home and bedroom can make it special.

    Outside of your parents home looks gorgeous!

  13. What a great hubby. Takes you out for date nights still. Have a great trip to China!

    xo L.

  14. wow! looks like such a fun getaway!! You are a lucky girl, and you guys are seriously the cutest couple! :)

    love, lulu
    (Notes She Wrote)

  15. this is soo sweet!! my husband and i have been married for 3 years, and we do date nights every now and then - usually just dinner. yeah, we're so fun. anyways, it never occurred to me to do a spontaneous weekend trip. we just might have to soon. :)