House Tour: The Extras

After my most recent House Tour: The Second along with House Tour: Numero Uno
I realized there were several little corners of the house that got overlooked.
*insert horrified gasps*

In staying true to our efforts at keepin' it real, you will see some serious clutter-age going on.  Consider yourselves warned.
- - - 

You may or may not have gathered that we have an awesome entry.  Kinda like a scene out of Little Women.  Can't you see the sisters running down the staircase, 'Marmie's home!  Marmie's home!'

Don't we have the most awesome closet in the whole world?!  Lots and lots of shelves for Hubs clothes and games and blankets and shoes.  And there is a window for lots of light.  And cute little nails for hanging bags. . . such precious accents from previous owners, no?!  And you can't see it, but in the tippy-top corner shelf above the little door is my huge poster photo from my very first trip to China.  
I love this little room.

Onto the not-so-stunning back porch.  Serious potential here, folks. 
 First order of business, throw.away.the.junk.piles.

One little slab of concrete in the back.  
I have a whole entire board on Pinterest that is full of perfect party ideas. . . maybe next summer I can be that awesome.

Ha!  Our massive, yet only half, bathroom on the first floor.  Nothing is so relaxing as being lulled to sleep on the toilet by the clanging dryer.  Should be a normal bathroom fixture, yo!

My super amazing father in law is coming in a couple weeks to install our Craiglisted clawfoot tub with a shower surround!  We can't wait to wash in something that resembles more than four plastic walls and a shower head.

And lastly, at the very tippiest-toppiest of our house is this UH-maaazing walk-up attic.  I have great visions of an awesome family room or better yet a huge craft room for mwauh.  
Maybe a little vaca spot for only Hubs and I?!  Gosh.  

Such endless possibilities. . . now for an endless bank balance.

- - - 


  1. I can't wait to come visit sometime!

  2. What a neat place! Love the attic space. Lots of possibilities!

  3. i LOVE your home! i'd love to have a place like that someday.

  4. You are going to AMAZING at this house re-do. So glad I'm along for the ride via the grand 'ole blog.

  5. hi my name is stephanie and I WANT TO LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE. it is so beautiful. i bet in no time you'll have tons of people pinning your house ;) you know, like on pinterest.. not some weird prank haha.

  6. I'm kinda DYING over that awesome attic!

  7. I LOVE it! That porch really does have some serious potential! So fun!

  8. SO exciting :) it is like a blank canvas! loving your blog :) so happy I stumbled across it!

  9. That attic is to die for, so jealous!

  10. Is this house, by any chance, across from the high school?