How McDonalds Is Always In The Budget

Ok.  It's pretty much no secret that Hubs and I are living on the classic newlyweds budget.  It's tight. Sometimes we count pennies.  Sometimes are tempted to quit the whole dang thing.   Sometimes there are weeks we don't know how the bills will get paid.  Sometimes we get really tired of working all.the.time.

But always always always we are finding that God never fails.
He has our back.

Dress: Target - Cardigan: A Little Shop In California - Leggings & Boots: Kohls - Headband: Stolen From Sister

Soooo in an effort to stay fiscally responsible, we have adopted the envelope style of budget.  You know when you take your allotted amounts of cash for the week and place it into the designated envelope?!
Groceries.  Gas.  Date Night. Discretionary Spending.
Cash is so much more concrete.  When it's gone.  It's gone.

Anywayza. . . when we were driving home one night from Salt Company, this revolutionary idea came to the forefront of our minds.

Babe!  We could totally go to McDonald's right now
Going through the drive thru happens in your car
Which basically means we could take it from the gas envelope
Because it's seriously almost a car expense!

The options are really limitless. . .

And then we laughed til our cheeks hurt.

I wouldn't want to be budgeting with any other person on the face of the earth.

- - -

Thanks for your encouraging words about me doing a 30 for 30 Challenge. 

So stay tuned wardrobe insanity.
And some awesome house updates.
And this sick awesome recipe for crockpot apple butter.
Seriously, lovelies.  My life will never be the same.


  1. That's honestly a great idea about the $ in envelopes. I would totally do the same thing & try to justify changing the money around to get Mc D's soo good!

  2. Love love love this! Can't wait for the apple butter recipe - my husband loves it! And I am beginning to think the crockpot will be our salvation from fast food - except McDonalds, of course! lol We did our budget on the way to St. Louis and decided that all our "spending" money must be in cash for the exact same reason that you stated. :-)

  3. You're hilarious. I just let my husband do it and tell what i can and can't spend. He's so good at it!

    And seriously, I am thinking I might want to do 30x30 with you... You got me thinking... we'll see, like I said I don't have a great attention span

  4. oh yes...the beauty of budgeting ;) Love your optimism!! And I totally laughed with you about the how Mickey D can sneak into the gas/date/grocery bill :)

    and you should totally do the 30 for 30!! i'd love to tag along for your clothing adventure :)

  5. just so beautiful and so true. mcdonalds is definitely the newlywed diet. where would we be without it? probably healthier, ha.
    xo TJ

  6. Because my boyfriend and I are on a similarly tight budget we like to have date night at McD's. We dress nice and act like we are at a fancy resturant while eating our dollar menu meal. Even though we get some funny looks, it's a very memorable experience for cheap :)

    P.S. I featured you on my blog today. Go take a look :)

  7. I love this! Hubbs and I do the same thing and we've been married for 10 years! No shame in the dollar menus...Jack in the Box tacos happen to be a personal fav...you can't beat 2 for 99cents! Btw, found you via the comment you left on my jewelry holder...following you now ;)

  8. i can sooo relate to the newlywed shoe string budget. this made me smile. love it!

  9. I'm horrible at budgeting, I might steal your envelope idea. And you're right, there's always money for McDonalds ;-)

  10. First business--here's a link to PDFs of budget forms: http://www.daveramsey.com/tools/budget-forms/. The "Quickie" is just that and the "Monthly Cash Flow" is the very specific one.

    Now pleasure: I would like to join you in seeing how much fun it can be to wear a fraction of my clothes for a month. I learned this in regard to writing but have extended the concept to other things as well: sometimes restriction aids creativity. (e.g. a sonnet has to fit a certain form but you can say whatever you want; 30 pieces of clothing have to last you a month but you can combine them however you see fit; etc. Working within guidelines can really help you innovate.) And hey, living from a suitcase is almost like having an "easy" button for this challenge! Good luck!

  11. You are awesome. :) this made me want to be married so badly! So cute!! :) thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day! Loving yours!!

  12. girl, we are the envelope budget too! i do quite a bit of envelope shifting too... :)

  13. LOL... TOO funny girl about the macdonald's thing! :) my parents used to do the envelope thing too when they were first married (26 years ago)... you go girl! :)