I Am Woman . . . Watch Me Clean

Saturdays pretty much rock my cotton-pickin-black-striped-socks right off my feet.  
Forrealzzz people. . . 

Something about being gone at work five days a week makes you appreciate and feel so empowered just being home and doing dishes or laundry or cuddling late into the morning.
Scratch that.  I pretty much would appreciate that last point anytime.  

Here's what we are up to this weekend. . .

Hubs was so sweet to offer to go grocery shopping for me today.  Am I such an ungrateful wife that I turned him down because I pretty much adore it so much?!  Forgive me if I am.

{please note the section of the list 'make'.  pretty much thing pumpkin whoopie pies are going to rock my fall world as I currently know it.  just sayin'}

As the sun sets tonight, my amazing photog sissy, Grace, is going to do that balloon photo shoot I've been aching for.  Also prepare to have your socks rocked. 

{do you see that little couch corner that snuck into the photo?!  hallelujah praise jehovah we have a couch!  thanks to my bro who isn't using it right now.  we feel like real grown-ups now.}

Then maybe, just maybe, we will hang the curtains that came in the mail for our kitchen.  They are almost just like what I fell madly in love with on Pinterest.  I'm hoping our kitchen rocks even more after they are hung. . .

PS.  Maybe this post should have been titled
'The Things That Are Rocking My World Right Now'

- - - 

What are YOU doing that's wonderful this weekend?!


  1. ahhh! i love those ballons in the living room! so random and happy :)
    i was baling hay today! but now i get to go to nana's house and watch the bama football game! huzzah!
    your weekend sounds lovely:)

  2. We had a relax day today (lots of sleeping in & cuddling in bed...with a trip to culvers for some frozen custard - soo great!) then tomorrow we head up north to go camping on Lake Superior!! its the best time of the year because everything is orange, red & yellow!! :)

  3. the week was like this!! :) http://wecouldbelieve.blogspot.com/2011/10/week-re-cap-raves-about-my-hubs.html

    Man, you were serious super woman with all those dishes today!! I love the feeling of a clean kitchen! and I am SO excited to see your curtains! which ones on pinterest are you thinking of???


  4. helped pick up 160-something bales of hay this afternoon. now, i am watching the auburn game on tv and listening to the alabama game on the radio....at the same time. ;)

  5. I've been sleeping a lot this weekend. Face planted on my bed directly after attending a high school football game last night. Random sleep-a-thon this afternoon. Don't know what my problem has been but it sure has felt good. :)

  6. I am doing absolutely nothing! And loving every second of it. Family time when hubs gets home from practice!

  7. Love that big window in your kitchen! AND I totally have that same soap dispenser. ha! Target? New follower! Cute blog!!

  8. SO happy for your couch! We feel the same way about the shower curtain we got on Saturday. Yes, weird, I know. But we have not decorated the bathroom AT ALL and hubs says that it feels like a motel bathroom. Until our trip to IKEA! Yay for incredibly affordable accessories and completely free ideas!

  9. Forgot to mention that I have also turned down hubs' offer to grocery shop - because I also love it!