We'll Call This A Little Too Clipped

A couple nights ago we walked on down to the clip-n-curl and I dare say it was a bit more clipping in the bangs area than I would have preferred.   You know that awkward 'I think I want this hair style' turned 'Oy, not sure how I can make this work til it grows out' kind of experience.  Yeah.  Kinda something like that.

Hello, you cheeky bangs, you. . .  I hope you are counting your lucky stars that Hubs thinks you're hot.
Cuz I'd hate to think what I'd have to do if he didn't . . .

Speaking of Hubs. . . a couple days ago I read a really great article over here   She was talking about one of the keys to marriage is laughing together.  Life as adults can get pretty serious and stressful so quickly.  How wonderful when you can live with your best friend forever and sometimes {ok, most of the time for us} you get to just be silly and carefree like kids again.

Take for example our daily discussions that go something like this:

Last night we discussed hat would happen if the earth stopped turning suddenly.  How inertia would shoot us forward creating a sonic boom - or something big and smart like that.  {You shoulda seen Hubs super hot mathematic scribbles on paper as he calculated degrees and latitude and knots. . . kinda knows how to make me weak in the knees, that boy does.}

Then there were the talks on the way to work this morning about how most non-fiction Love-Comes-Softly-type books end so predictably.   To which Adam said if he were to write those books, he would make them go along so perfectly, then end everything upside down in the last chapter.  With a final line of, 'He died.'

Ok.  Maybe it's not that funny to everyone else.  But when we have those moments where my face hurts from laughing so hard and I feel my nose scrunching right off my face, I know that I could really be married to this boy for five million more lifetimes. . .

- - -

What conversations have you had lately that tickled you to your toes?!


  1. Every conversation with you tickles me to my toes! Bahaha :) JK

  2. "he died." that's when THIS girl died from laughter!! Priceless.
    We have a few hilarious convos like this in my family just maybe every now and then. ;)
    Loving this!

  3. I choked laughing at the part about the ending of the book, too. hahahahaha!

    Interesting conversations -- welllllllll, since I've been strugglin' in the guy departMENT, no funny lines from there.

    The kids I babysit can be a hoot, though. But some of the things they say are only funny if you know them. :)

  4. Bahaha. You guys are cute. I love it when my hubs talks science and music stuff. {swoon}

  5. For what it's worth, Rachel just said tonight how much she loves you, and your beautiful red hair. I'm pretty sure that holds true no matter how long or short it might be. Just sayin'.

    Also, my husband and I still are delighted each and every time we make each other laugh - which is often. Don't lose that...

  6. that is so funny, I was just thinking about that the other day. We laugh together a lot mostly because I'm a dork and my husband gets a kick out of it. And I think he's hilarious but I am pretty sure I am the only person in the world that ever gets to see it! He always makes jokes quietly so no one hears! I promise, he's funny!