{What I Wore} Stolen Sister Edition

Money is kinda super tight at our house . . . sooo old news, Nicole.
{and btw. an awesome budget story comin' up next week!  be ready to laaauuughhh!!!  well. . . i did.}

In an effort to save our pennies, pay off some debt and get in a place where we have financial freedom to go and do as we feel God is calling, we are buuu-dget-ING!  Oy oh boy.  Hubs has been amazing and really on board and that makes it so much more bearable.  But kinda hard for this girl who luuurves her some shoppin'.  Like seriously thriftin and clearance racks and rad sales, yo.  
But it's money nonetheless.  Blegh.  

Why can't F21 and Target and Down East Basics and . . and . an. . .
Why can't they give me free shopping sprees?!  Hmmph.

Now that my spirits are completely crushed and I'm left with my lonely little wardrobe, I have decided on this plan.  

Part 1.  Creatively reinvent the pieces I have in trendy, fun ways.

Part B.  Not let my lack of lovely new threads keep me from dressing Hot for the Hubs.  
{Do you seriously know how much preee-shuuure it is being married to someone so hunky?!  Like crazy peoples.}

Part III. Maybe, just maybe, do a 30 for 30 Remix?!  *sucks in breathe* 
Be still my soul.  Kinda freaking out right now.  
And I could blog about it and you could laugh with me over my crazy outfit combos?!  Yes, no?!

Then before we know it, we'll be rich and famous and I'll be shopping only and always at Anthro and J Crew and . . . ok.  maybe not.  A girl can dream, right?!

Anywayzas.  Whatevs.  Here's what I wore.  And it pretty much rocks cuz this cute lil dress that belongs to my lovely sissy, Tiffany just happened to be in the attic, was so fun to pair with my new skinnies.  Seriously, girls.  Never knew how much they could change your life.  Amen and amen.

- - - 

And can we just say a big THANK YOU Jesus for Saturday?!  
I never thought I would live to see the sun shine.  How long this week was.  I plan to sleep and cuddle and maybe bake and be super happy that I already did my cleaning spree when I was stressed out this week.  Boosh.

What are you doing today?!  Please tell me you are resting and taking in some good sunshine somewhere and eating lots of amazingness. . . 



  1. Beautiful, beautiful Nicole. Several things. (Because somehow I missed your last few posts, and I follow your blog!)

    1. I think you should do a 30 for 30! Maybe I'll get my courage up someday, but for now, I like watching OTHER people do them. :)

    2. Your outfit is KILLER in that balloon photo shoot. You both just look great!

    3. Way to go with budgeting. I think that can be soooo good if you stick with it, and saving money is such an awesome feeling! Keep up the great work.

    4. A way to get new clothes for cheap (free actually) is organize a clothing swap with all your other trendy friends. Everyone brings clothes with them they want to get rid of, and you can only take home as many items as you brought. Everyone wins!

    5. A third part-time job...I can't imagine. I am such a wimp. You go girl!

    6. Hope your weekend is as awesome as you are.

  2. serioulsy. im coming home in 61 days to get my clothes and a few of yours too my dear seester. looks good on you! heart you!

  3. We were taking in some serious sunshine and it was awesomeness!! And I do understand what it is like to be married to some hottness! There was this lady at my son's basketball practice telling me how hot one of the players was and guess who that player was? Yep, the hubs. HA!
    Do the 30x30! I would do it with you but I can't stay focused for 30 days. Just not in the genes...

  4. haha, love your sis tiff's comment! :) i'm wearing my sis's pearl necklace right now:) we steal stuff from each other all the time too!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this background for these pictures!! {did i mention i LOVE this background?!!!}
    xo and smiles :D

  5. i feel ya girl. the post-wedding, newlywed budgeting can be pretty stressful! i did 30 for 30 in august and LOVED it. it was actually easier and more fun than i thought it would be. you should definitely try it!

  6. The 30 for 30 has been on my to do list for awhile.
    I would love to see your 30 for 30 journey and maybe get inspired to actually do it myself!