Christmas Giddiness

Grace and I literally decorated the house all day long today.

It was purely wonderful and my Christmas spirit seemed to grow exponentially with each ribbon, garland and pinecone we put up.

Here's how the story went. . . 

After a full pitcher of orange-strawberry smoothies were made and consumed 

We transformed this ugly fall wreath I found in the attic into some country Christmas magic . . . 

Finally did this amazing project from a $3 window I found at the Antique Mall . . . 

Put yards and yards of red ribbon to lovely use . . . 

And overall turned our house into a country Christmas wonderland.

More photos and some awesome tutorials coming the rest of this week!

What are your favorite Christmas decorations?!   Have you put them up already?!

I kinda feel like a cheater pants for decorating before Thanksgiving
but a girl can break the rules every once in a while, no?!


  1. Its looking great Nicole! Can't wait to see the rest! No Christmas decorations up here yet. :( can't wait to go get our fresh tree at lowes this week!! :)

  2. last year i decorated on my birthday weekend - november 12th. :) so far this year, not yet though! i can't wait though. soon..... i love decorating for christmas!!

  3. Oh, I really need to start some Christmas decorating. :)

  4. Ahhhhh, you can't leave us hanging like that!!! I want to see the project!!

  5. I'm so in the Christmas decorating mood already too! Thx for the sweet words and loved what u said about the song. My thoughts exactly. Happy Decorating I mean Thanksgiving ;)

  6. I never used to be a "hey let's decorate for Christmas" type of girl, but I've been living abroad for a while and I've taken Christmas decorating for granted. When I eventually move back, my house will be over the top around the holidays!

  7. Of course you can break the rules! I probably would too if it was my first Christmas in my own house (for crying out loud)! I've held myself back...but I did doodle diagrams of exactly what I plan to put where: from the tree to all the shelves in the living room.

  8. First off, that orange-strawberry smoothie looks good. I should make one too. I love Christmas decorating. Once the Christmas tree is up and everything around the house looks Christmasy it seems to put everyone in good spirits, everyone seems happier and more cheerful. =)

  9. I love Chritmas decoration and am crazily freakish about: everything has its place and will have a certain order for decorating the tree. Yea I know I am weird but as we don't have any children I feel I can get away with this for a good while longer.

    I want to start decorating now but feel it's a bit early here and we aren't getting our tree till the 15th Dec, I'm not sure if I can wait that long!

  10. I am excited to read the tutorials on some of the crafts you did!

  11. You girls are so beautiful! Love you! <3

  12. I love the wreath! We live in an apartment but if we didn't I would def have one!