Christmas Is CoOOooM-ING!!

Thanksgiving last year was the first real holiday Adam and I celebrated together.  
It was seriously amazing

Take for example going on the family tree cutting expedition together.

Now you should know that the tree hunting is a massive family event for the Chmelars.
Us seven kids take it so incredibly SERIOUS.
It has to be the perfect huge tree to fill out living room's 10' ceilings.
Full in girth.
Green in the perfect tint.

All mom ever wants is a blue spruce tree.
She says they have soft needles that don't poke.
But do you know how small and spiney they look?!

It's a serious fight every.single.year.
{poor mom and dad}
Also poor Adam who had to get a crash course last year in the PROPER tree choosing/cutting procedures.  Serious stuffs, folks.

I literally UH-dore Christmas.  
Ultimate fav time of year.

The music.
The festivities.
The gifts.
The crazy shopping.
The food.
The decorations.

I love every single stitch of it.
{even last minute shopping.  it's so festivey and thrilling.  crazy, no?!}

But as I went into the mall a couple weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with the utter materialistic spirit we have as Americans.
All the crap in the stores we think we have to buy.
All the stuff I think I neeeeed.
All the stress over shopping and buying and overspending.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love shopping.  I love buying gifts.  I love making lists of all the lovelies I would someday like to own.  But God was reminding me to keep my heart in the right place.  The remember the most important things.

Self control.

My goals as this amazing holiday season kicks off this week reflect this attitude.

We are having a family who recently moved to the community over on 
Thanksgiving Day 
with all the cousins and aunts and uncles and siblings.  
Because, gosh, I would hate to be alone on that day.

I will be making lots of my Christmas gifts from 
my plethoras of Pinterest boards.

Our home will be filled with 
Because simple beauty can bring peace to the 

Hubs and I WILL be cutting down our first tree together.
And it will be tall
and green
and perfectly round.
Pretty much perfectly perfect.

I will calm my heart {often} before my Saviour
remember the gift of His life
on earth 
to me.

What are you doing to keep the peace and joy in this season?!

- - -

Just in case you are wondering, my parents are breaking the tree cutting tradition this year for a store bought one.
Good thing you weren't here to hear the tirade of heartfelt opinions.
I told the kids they can come tree cutting with us.
Poor little darlings.  


  1. This truly is the best time of the year...yaaaaay for Christmas tree cutting!!

  2. I am glad someone feels the same.

    I live abroad so won't be with my family this Christmas. I find this means spending a lot more money on them and worrying a lot more about the gifts I buy.
    When in reality, if I didn't buy as much I would have more money to put into savings and be able to afford a flight back next christmas a lot easier.

    I am thinking homemade gifts are the best way to go this year!

  3. What fun it is to cut your own tree!! I am so excited for Christmas & celeebrating Jesus' Birthday!! :)

  4. yes, yes, and YES. We are entirely too materialistic. I get convicted when I feel I "have" to get so-n-so this specific gift or whatever.

    I'd rather give and receive gifts that are more useful than materialistic/cluttery/junk. Ya know?!!! :)

  5. I couldnt agree more about American being a little insane about material things. But, I love your tradition about getting a tree! How fun! I love Christmas time, this weekend were getting a flocked tree, I cant wait!

    ps- I mentioned your on my blog as one of my favorite blogs to read!
    Thanks for being such a great writter and having so many great things to say!


  6. Okay, I have ultimate strong feelings about Christmas trees (from growing up in the northwest?). I'm so glad to hear you've also taken up the quest to bring good, real, full Christmas trees to America, one household at a time.

  7. Sigh. I was totally deprived as a child - we have always had a fake tree because my mother is literally allergic to everything on the planet. Don't ask me how it's possible to be allergic to a Christmas tree - I don't know! But the husband introduced me to the wonderful world of chopping down your own tree, and I don't think I could ever go back to having a fake one!

  8. Getting the tree is one of the best things ever...and although I have never been allowed to cut one down myself, going to the shop to pick it out still makes me giddy with excitement.

    Oh how I love Christmas!

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog! And my exhaustion level is pretty high but you gotta work through it hahaha That's way cool that you guys cut your own tree! I'm a lazy bum and have a fake tree that's pre-lit hahahahaha but Christmas is my fave time of year too! I've already watched the Grinch about a billion times ;)

  10. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) having your sleep schedule out of whack is the worst!
    But it looks like you are doing just fine now :) We always have multiple trees at my parents' house. The kids get one to decorate with all those popsicle stick ornaments and my mom gets one to decorate her way. :)

  11. yes, yes, Christmas traditions!!! your family tradition sounds like so much fun! And I agree about all this materialistic stuff... that's why homemade pajamas, family, food, and a little boy with a new tonka truck r gonna make our Holiday!

  12. My family always always goes the day after Thanksgiving to cut down our tree. Really stinks to be on the opposite side of the country from them but hubs and I are going to go cut down our own!

  13. Lovely post. And I agree, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

    p.s. What a nice family!

  14. Your blog is so cute, it's addicting. I came back after the babe was put to bed tonight to surf the internet. I went back to the wedding (sooo much fun!!!) and read your "normal" post. I just want to tell you that I believe families can be together forever. You two and your babies will see and hug and laugh with each other after this life. I truly believe that.