Friday Files {edition eight}

{this photo was from one of my trips to california to visit hubs while we were still dating.  which also was the time we were working through some hefty relationship stuff.  so thankful we are stronger for those times.}

::  Earlier this week Hubs and I were talking about the times we just feel icky towards each other.  You know the times when your heart is screaming at you, Why are you making such a big deal about this?!  And your silly head say, Who cares?!  I'm so thankful for God's grace and the unconditional love of this boy I love.

:: Last night Hubs and I searched through waiting child lists on an adoption website.  And researched African countries to adopt from.  Just because I've recently had a severe case of adoption-fever. . .

:: I wash my work shirt with the name tag attached.  It just saves so much time in my day!

:: This week was full of wrestling through purpose, dreams and courage.  Not sure if I got anywhere. . .

:: Yesterday I think I was the cause of a fender bender.  And I walked away scratchless.  Sorry little car for not turning the corner fast enough.  No. Wait.  That big van that hit you in the rear should be more sorry.

:: Sometimes my heart just wants to give up.  This makes me cherish those moments of complete peace from Jesus.

:: Hubs and I exercised for the first time in eons last night.  Gosh that mile on the treadmill felt great.  As did the two little muscle-weight machine things I tried out for 2.685 seconds.

- - - 

Tonight Hubs and I are off to a Weekend to Remember getaway.  Eeekkk!  So pumped.
I have some scheduled posts for you that you want wanna miss though.
Not the least of which is our recent bathroom redo
A sneak peak at Christmas stuff

Happy happy weekend, Lovelies!

Sorry once again for the lack of a link up.  Boo.  
Do any of you lovelies know of a free link-up tool?!  Pretty please let me know.
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  1. thankful you are safe---
    hows the babe mobile???
    heart you!

  2. Oh my, this statement:

    "Sometimes my heart just wants to give up. This makes me cherish those moments of complete peace from Jesus."

    Is one that I resonate so much with lately. Also, I have been too busy to read many blogs and have been seriously missing yours! Glad I have the weekend to catch up. Enjoy your getaway.

  3. You are smart to be focusing on marriage so early in your marriage! But with how conscientious you sound and having such faith in God, I think you two will weather the storms just fine. Have a fabulous and fun weekend!

  4. this one only lets you have one thumbnail collection for free http://inlinkz.com/ and everything else is lists.

    this one only lets you have lists, but looks the most straight forward http://simply-linked.com/

    I understand not wanting to pay, and I wouldn't pay right now either, but in the future I think I'll definitely plan to use LinkyTools for the same reasons this person does =) http://kraftykat76.blogspot.com/2011/02/linky-tools-aka-mcklinky.html

    we went to A Weekend to Remember in 2006, 2.5 years into marriage. have fun this weekend! ;)

  5. aw, have so much fun on your little get away! i just hope that this holiday season will prove to be it's own little get away. adore!
    xo TJ

  6. Hello darling! I hope that you and The Hubs have a great time this weekend :)

    Here's my Friday Files post:

    Happy Friday!

  7. Happy happy weekend to you (two), too!

  8. i love picture this of you. your hair is gorgeous.


  9. luckies!!! Hope you had a blast on your little weekend getaway!!!

  10. Love this! I need to exercise! And almost being the cause of a fender bender would be scary! I hate anything car crash related! I'm glad you are okay. That picture is gorgeous and it is so nice to know that you got through the hard times and they made you stronger. It makes them not so bad to look back on!