Friday Files {edition seven}

:: I seriously contemplated feeding Hubs left overs for the third meal in a row.  I mean, com'mon, my awesome my friend's recipe for black bean soup is srsly to.die.foooor.  On second thought I figured since he was doing so many little house projects for me, I should make him something fresh.

Enter quick easy delectable salmon patties.  You should try them yourselves sometime.

1 can of salmon
1 egg
8-12 saltine crackers
- - - 
Open can of salmon.  Scrape off black scales, throw away.  Mix in egg and crushed crackers.
Scoop patty sized amounts into a pan with oil covering bottom.
Fry until crispy and brown.
Serve immediately, preferably dipped in Ranch dressing.

:: This has been a week that lacked washing dishes, making bed and doing laundry.  Catching up on cuddling takes lots of time, yo!

:: There have been one too many morning where I've had to call Hubs halfway through the day and apologize for being Mrs Crabby Pants.

::  I am still trying to learn the art of having money talks and not getting stressed out.

::  Just when I think I am a humble, teachable person, my prideful spirit rears it's butt-ugly head.

:: Guess I make up names for people. . . remember the sweet girl who won the giveaway this week?!  Jennifer?!  Yeah, no.  Stephanie.  {Sorry dear. }

- - - 

Hello you Beautiful weekend, you.
I've missed you dreadfully.


  1. sorry you had a rough week - we all do; you've just gotta hold your head up and lean on Christ to get you through!

    Money stresses never go away... after 3 years of marriage I'm still working on not losing it when we try to talk about money! Definitely something I'm praying about.

    Have a wonderful weekend! God is good!

  2. I've had to have a few of those apologies myself this week. It happens. Three cheers for understanding husbands (and yummy recipes that don't hurt anything either).

  3. Oh girl, you have no idea how many times I've had to do this!!! There are at least a couple mornings a week where I call hubs on the way to work to apologize for being grumpy pants!

  4. I've needed something to do with that can of salmon sitting in my pantry! :) We've all been there. I often realize I've become selfish and prideful a few days too late. That's when I kick myself in the rear and start anew the very next morning. And guess what? Everything starts to look up very fast.

  5. Financial Peace University = HIGHLY recommended. (and not just because we're class coordinators and financial counselors, lol) We took it 4 months after getting married and it changed the course of our lives - no doubt about it.

  6. Cuddling definitely does take time. Who cares about the laundry and dishes?! Haha. I love that you've been catching up. :]

    Let's be honest, I have too many times where I have to apologize for being Mrs. Crabby Pants too. We should probably both work on that! Haha.
    And I am still learning how to talk about money without getting frustrated too! For some reason I always feel like he's pointing fingers at me when he NEVER is. Money is stressful. I'm sure we'll figure it out someday though! At least I hope we will!

    Have a wonderful week!