Friday Files {edition six}

:: Went out in public today with argile pink socks in my white flats.  Only in China can I get away with such a fashion crime

:: Hit rock bottom with missing Hubs yesterday.  Complete with heaps of tears, surly feelings and utter achiness.

:: Wore my hair in a pludgy bun today . . . along with day old mascara and eyeliner.  {yes, that's a made-up word. and yes,i can do that.  it's the beauty of writing your very own bloggy.}

:: I've only called home to my family twice since I've been in China.  Is it so horrible that I spend my Skype minutes to call Hubs?!  {Sorry sibs, if you are reading this.  I really do love you.}

:: Deep apologies to all you dears who are button swapping me.  I promise that I have not forgotten.  {On that note, who want's to swap?!  Email me for dets.  nicole{dot}neesby{at}gmail{com}

:: The internet in China and I have a serious love-hate relationship.  Love that it's sometimes available.  Hate that it's sometimes not.  {Hence fuzzy photos in several prior posts.}

:: Can  you believe I skipped the Friday Files last week?!  Something about jeg-lagged brain that couldn't actually figure out what day is really was.

::  I am dreadfully behind on emails.  And I'm hoping that my boss is not eternally upset at me.  If you are one of those waiting for a response, don't give up hope.

::  The fact that the dress I wore for our amazingly fun photoshoot is a whole lotta sizes too big for me.  Hence the slightly preggers look.  And the fact that my hair was in a devilish way that day, so I had to fix it the only way I could with nothing for helps {ei. straightener, curling iron, etc}  I am learning that sometimes in life we must embrace the messiness.

- - - 

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and have just been scrolling and reading and scrolling and reading. I haven't figured out why you are in China yet...but I love your writing style. XOXO

  2. This is the cutest and most honest blog I've read in a long time! I love how you talk about God like He is your best friend. Your pictures are lovely. And you and your husband look like you are sooo in love!

    I'm enjoying reading about your adventures in China. I spent a summer there (5 years ago now?!) and it forever left an imprint on my heart. So glad you get to go back!

  3. That sounds really hard being so far away. It's ok to break down. Helps to keep us sane. Keeping it all in is bad!

  4. I am your newest follower

    Great blog
    Looking forward to knowing you

    Helen Tilston

  5. Very fun blog! Glad you came to mine, bc I got to find yours! Love it!


  6. stay strong girl! Homesickness can be rough, especially since the man you love is back there... Praying!


  7. we missed your friday files last week! maybe you could make up for it monday?? ;)

  8. haha you make me laugh! THanks for stopping by my blog! Newest follower!

  9. Love these. :) And I totally wear socks with flats sometimes. And I don't have China to blame it on!! Haha. I'm just a little tacky sometimes!