Friday Files {Hateful/Grateful Edition}

Hey Lovelies!
In honor of our just celebrated Thanksgiving day, I am choosing to do a special Hateful/Grateful list.
These are the things in life right now that I kinda hate, but still choose to be grateful for

- - - 

{tree cutting 2010}

I hate that my best friend and sissy Tiffany, was away from us on this Thanksgiving holiday. . . . Mexico is so dadblame far away.

I am grateful that she loves Jesus so much to put the need of hurting children above her own comfort.  {and that she comes home in just 17 days!!}

I hate that we had zero money budgeted for Black Friday. . . alllll thooooose saaaaalessssss.

I am grateful that we have heat in our old house, a car to drive up and down the road and a cozy bed for cuddling.

I hate that all that puppy chow cookie-oreo-brownie spinach artichoke dip turkey and sweet potatoes now rests firmly on my rotund hips.

I am grateful to have had such a glorious spread of food to eat on Thanksgiving Day.

I hate that my beautiful long week of being home came to an end so quickly.  Darn work that comes back like a boomerang wAaaAAyY too quickly.

I am grateful for a strong mind and body that can work everyday.

I hate that my sweet sister in law is getting bigger and bigger everyday with tiny baby girl and that I am missing out on watching the whole process.

I am grateful that in three weeks we get an entire week of skiing and family time in Colorado!  Bunny Slopes here I come!

- - - 

what would be on your hateful/grateful list, lovelies?!


  1. I love this "Hate-Love List"! :)

  2. aw boo. i was hoping tiff had gotten to come home for thanksgiving. :\

  3. Nicole, thank you for the comment about our wax leaves:) It made me smile. It is amazing that oftentimes strangers come together using this funny thing called the Internet. I am thankful I found your little slice of heaven. Sincerely-a gal from MN

  4. thank you for stopping by my blog! Hope you keep popping by! ;-) Such a cute blog you have over here! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hope the cookies turned out well for you (if you ended up making them i suppose!)

  5. What a great list, I hate that all the Thanksgiving leftovers have all finally been consumed..I didn't get to have yet another turkey sandwich for lunch today. :)