Gobble, Gooble GAAHH!!


Today my mom dropped off 23 pound gobbler in my kitchen sink while I was gone.

When mom {who usually hosts the event} asked if we could have it at our new house, I was like heck yeah.  No problemo. 

I mean, how hard can it be?!
Pull out the chairs from all corners of the house. . . all whooping three of them, plus the camping couch!
Clean the bathroom and try to put out some cute fall decorations.
Send out a nice blurb on facebook to the cousins to be sure and show up for the party.
Cook something awesome like a pie or stuffing or some such holiday goodness.
Seriously, how hard can it be?!

Then I realized I'm cooking THE turkey.
Something about thawing for a lot of days
and cleaning the innerds and butt and removing the guts package.
and cooking for 5700 hours.

Yeah, sure.  No problem.
Happy Thanksgiving here we come!! 

I'm super duper pumped because bright and squirrelly early tomorrow morning I'm bringing a Chinese shopping market right to your fingertips.   
Right in time for Christmas.
Or your birthday.
Or just to wish yourself a happy Wednesday.
Amen and amen.

And this perfectly adorable tote is just a sneaky-peaky.
Be there or be square.

To any and all of your veteran Thanksgiving hostess
Tell me all your turkey tips



  1. Get this: First year we're married, Thanksgiving at the in-laws. I get an e-mail from my father-in-law. No big deal, I'm just in charge of the turkey. WHAAAAT????? Don't worry, it's not as overwhelming as it seems :)

  2. the biggest problem by far for me would be cleaning that disgusting thing. NO thank you! I have no tips =)

  3. real simple is where it's at: turkey guide. you're welcome? :)

  4. Last year my bro-in-law made The.Best.Turkey.I.Have.Ever.Tasted. He brined it overnight in a cooler in the garage. Here's a similar method from Alton Brown, king of kitchen chemistry. Not that you have to use allspice berries and peppercorns, but the basics are sure to be sound. Good luck!

  5. Oh my goodness! Good luck cooking the turkey! I don't have any tips other than to look on Pinterest! Teehee! I'm sure you can find something awesome on there! I can't wait to hear all about your Thanksgiving festivities! I'm sure everything will turn out absolutely wonderful! xoxo

  6. Totally second the suggestion to brine it. I've hosted the family Thanksgiving two or three times. Not a big deal. You can do it. The most challenging part is getting everything ready at the same time, but a bit of planning will go a long way. Remember - there are tons of people available, only a phone call away - who can offer moral support and practical advice. :)

  7. I don't have to make it for anyone but us since we're so far away but I'm still nervous about that. Can't wait to steal the tips you rally up :)

  8. How fun to be the hostess! We lived in NY last year, 2000 miles away from family. It was just me, my hubby, my 7 month old, and some friends. It turned out fabulous!!! And I am proud to say I did it all by myself WITH a baby in tow because the hubs had to work.

    I suggest doing the desserts the night before. If you're feeling too stressed over homemade gravy, or rolls, or stuffing, go ahead and BUY some at the store! Thanksgiving is meant to be fun! As for the turkey? Just read some directions in a better homes and gardens cookbook and you can't go too wrong. That's just my two cents. Best of luck!

  9. You're going to have FUN! Another sweet memory. But it is a lot of work. Remember to take the guts out. We did not our first time and ewwwww! LOL If we host Thanksgiving, we take care of the turkey and some of the hot stuff. Everyone else brings dishes to share. It makes your day a lot easier. I can't wait to see your update. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Wish I could help, but I'm scared to make the turkey - I'm afraid I would ruin it. I've never hosted Thanksgiving for this very reason. I host Christmas instead - ham is easy! The best Thanksgiving dinner I ever had was when my mother-in-law decided to make prime rib instead of turkey - so delicious!