{Guest Post} Jess from Steve & Jess

{this is me screaming cuz I'm so-super-excited-out-of-my-mind about this amazing guest post from Jess over at the bloggy Steve and Jess.}
This gal is pretty much PAR-Tay Queen and her blog has quickly become an addicted favorite.  And after this amazing post on parties, I just wanna go plan about 28 RIGHT.NOW.

So enjoy the pure loveliness and then hop right over to her corner and give 'er some loove.

- - -

Hello friends! 

I'm Jess, and the lovely Nicole asked me to come on over here and talk to you about party planning.

Let me just tell you, I live for throwing parties.

From bridal showers to dinner parties, I've done them countless times (on my own accord, I know crazy right?)

I love nothing more than to have people I love around me 

enjoying good food and good company.

So here it goes, Jess's list of party planning "essentials":

1. Attention to detail.

I think it's so fun to create a beautiful, unique place for people to enjoy. Put out cute drinks with funky straws and make the party your own. Make it something you can be proud of! Plus you'll get a lot of compliments to boost your self-esteem. Not that I like that kind of thing...I mean, um.

2. Good food.

You don't have to be an amazing cook to achieve this. Get take out from your favorite restaurant or make some easy appetizers from your favorite food blog. Whatever it is, it raises people's blood sugar and makes them more fun to be around. Just sayin'. Your guests can't help but have fond feelings for you when there's good food around.

3. Have a good time.

 Your guests came to enjoy you! Don't be rushing around in the kitchen/behind the scenes while everyone is having fun, it makes people uncomfortable and they will have a harder time enjoying the party. Plan all you want before-hand, create a lovely environment, sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself!

Here are some snipits from previous parties I've thrown,

I hope you enjoy!

Stop by my blog and say hi! I'm always up for new friends!


  1. these are some really great tips!!! I love reading Steve & Jess!!! AND I will definitely be using these for Thanksgiving next week!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Gentri Lee put it all together. We got paired with someone from a different country, got to know them, and then sent them a little package! She will probably do another I'm sure so you should visit her site :)

  3. She really does throw the most lovely look parties :)
    - Eliesa @ Good day, Sunshine

  4. jess couldn't be more adorable! seriously. great post!