Letting Go

I've been learning a lot lately about letting go.
Letting go of silly things in life that don't really matter.  

Take for example.  . . 
When I went to China, Hubs was dead in the middle of his flight instructors' re-certification program.  Sadly it was online.  
Sadly it was due by the end of the month.  
Sadly he wouldn't have enough time to do it at the library after work.  
Our only option was for me to leave my laptop at home so he could finish it at night after work.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I pretty much adore my laptop.  It's kinda like my baby.  I take it everywhere.  Use it all the time.  And a lot of my life is wrapped up with it, so leaving it for two weeks was harder than I want to admit.  
{lame-sauce-person, no?!}

Take for another example. . .
My sweet father in law had been planning on coming for a long weekend to help with house projects.  I really really UUUberly wanted it to NOT be while I was in China.
Wanted to be home to give my girly opinion on things.
Wanted to spend time with him.
But mostly wanted to give my opinion.
Would you believe that within hours after booking getting travel dates for my China trip, his flight was booked for the weekend before I came home?!  
Of course.
And can I say again, that I am kind of embarrassed how disappointed I was?!

Take for a last example. . .
Our house has kind of been a disaster as of late.
Disaster as in dishes in the sink.
Clothes strewn around the house - literally -  clean pile here, dirty pile there.
Our bed hasn't been made in days.
And I have a thousand, incomplete ideas in my mind of things to make our house just that much more awesome.
I never wanted to be that person who let life get in the way of being organized. . . look who's talkin' now?!

{Real life bedroom not long before I left for China}

Through all these little situations, I feel like God has been whispering to my heart

Let go, Nicole.
Let go of how you want things to go.
May your joy not come from your precious laptop
Let go of your need to control all aspects of your life.
Your house will always be here.
Value your relationships.
Not the way your house looks.
Let go.
Feel real peace.

- - - 

And ya wanna know a secret?!
I didn't really NEeeeED my computer.
It was so nice to come home and see all those completed projects.
And to be honest, Hubs and father in law did even better than I could have hoped.
And for realz, when are dishes ever better than cuddles with Hubs?!
Seriously, no duh.


  1. sounds so familiar to me - lots to do and lots of ideas of how to "organize" but just cant ever get to them! so glad i found your sweet blog - look forward to getting to know you better friend! :) PS i love that you said "lame-sauce". i know we will be friends :) hehe!

  2. You are just plain awesome girl!
    I have a lot of the same issues..espcially with household things...everything has to be in its place. Sometimes its bad. but then I realize..there are other things that need to come first. the dishes can wait, the vaccuming and bed making can always be done whenever! Thanks for the uplifting post about putting special people first in our lives!

  3. I'm constantly learning how to do this exact same thing. Great post, girl!

  4. Now THERE is a more realistic picture of what real life looks like. no more of this "my purse is left sitting out on the table" business ;) looking forward to friday files =)

  5. mmmm....love this. we are moving and i am trying to keep my house/life in order while it happens - which we all know is not going to work. i need to let go too!

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  7. As someone above has already written, I am also constantly learning how to do this thing. And I think I am getting better at it, too. (And the results can be seen in our apartment, too.:)) Just let go...

    Great post! Thank you.

  8. I absolutely love this. Although it is so hard to let go of things sometimes! I do agree that cuddles are better than dishes any time!! :] Good job letting go!!

  9. What a great thought. Thanks for being so real. What an encouragement you are to me. Love you!

  10. Oh God is so good to remind us of what really matters, isn't He? Love your honest blog and your beautiful balloon pictures! :) I'm happy to follow

  11. I just absolutely love this post. I have to constantly be reminded of this, too. And I also tend to "adore" my laptop probably more than I should. Vacation is always nice because I make a point to not take it with me and I always feel renewed. Like, "oh, I didn't need it afterall." Really inspiring post :)