The Little Star That Could

And the day is finally couldn't.
But wait.  I'm getting ahead of myself in this little Christmas story.

You may remember from this post, my passionate feelings towards our family tradition of cutting down a live tree from a farm versus store bought twigs.
No offense to every one who loves their plastic trees. . . we can still be friends.

Another one of our great family traditions is our pointy little glitter star that always sits on the top of the tree.
Funny thing is this star has seriously given us problems every.single.year.

Like the time the tree-top-attachment broke off.
Handy brother Timmy fixed that right away.
With a wire coat hook, no duh!
Genius, that boy is!

Then there was the year that Dad got it all wire hooked and twisty-tied to the topmost branch, only to have zero magic happen when it was plugged in.
Handy brother to the rescue again.
Down from the tree, crack open the star, jiggle some wires,
Voila!  The star of Christmas!

And I can't forget the years it just needed the perfect love tap on the outside

Tap, taptap, taptapthump.
Lights, HA-AHHH!!!

Such a great star and story, no?!

The biggest part of this story are Mom's annual pleadings for a better replacement.
She is always met with howls of protest and gasps of horror that she would through away this awesome family relic.  
I mean seriously, would you throw away the Statue of Liberty if it had a light go out?!
I rest my case.

Well wouldn't you know that this was the year Little Star truly quit on us?!
After Dad's attempts to wire it to the tree
Plug it in
Take it down
The boys efforts to replace fuses
love taps

All to no avail.  I guess last year was the final year of glory.
Next year will find us decorating our tree and topping with with a one big fat boring star

I mean, who would ever want a star that lights on que?!
Yeah, I thought so.

{our tree in it's perfect glory last year}

Now is your que to tell me your most hilarious Christmas tradition/memory.
Heaven knows I could use some good laughs today. . . 

thanks for all your sweet words of encouragement the last couple days.
i am so thankful for bloggity lovelies like you.
big christmas hugs being sent your way right this second!


  1. Awww such a bummer that it finally died for good! We are currently still using a dove (made out of a paper plate and painted blue) that I made in pre-school!


  2. I love coming to your blog and reading about your family stories....i love how you keep things so real! I am the oldest of 7 kids and we have some pretty solid traditions that have developed and evolved over the years.....any many of your stories remind me of some of our own!

    Happy holidays!

  3. you're hilarious. also, I've always wanted a real tree. I'm very jealous.

  4. How sad the star finally lost its juice! What a funny story though! Those things often go unmentioned, and those things are what make family and traditions. :) At least I think so.

    Every year at my house the kids always dress up and recreate the nativity story. As teenagers we felt stupid dressing up and it has gone downhill from there. Big rubber ball for a prego belly, wrapping my crawling baby brother in stuffing and making sure he had a tail to wag as he scurried across the floor, hideous headpieces... Yeah, those pictures are great blackmail!

  5. I love this story! Haha. And I can't think of any funny holiday traditions...but one of my favorite holiday traditions is making gingerbread houses from scratch every year!! :]

  6. Aw I love real trees...alas we have had the same fake one for THE WHOLE OF MY LIFE...it finally gave up last year(after looking quite sad for about a decade)...so we didn't have a tree at all.
    I did however persuade my Dad this year to get a real tree (after A LOT of persuasion may I add) ...then he saw the price...not as cheap as they were last time he looked...25 years ago. So we have now got a new fake tree....at least we have somewhere to hang the lights this year!!

    :) - I love the little house by the way x

  7. OMG!
    I love your gingerbread :) My bff and I made one last year and we had so much fun, think I'll do it again.
    Love the look of Christmas :)

  8. Such fun! I love how memories are oftentimes made better by things that don't go "just right" :) RIP finicky Christmas tree star!

  9. We got a fake tree because it was such a good deal... then remembered, duh! It costs the same as a live one! hehe. We're getting ours later this week :)

  10. I really want a light up star for the top of my tree!

    We don't have a star, we have a pig that is dressed as a fairy for the top...I'm not even sure why as I am so picky about my tree and very OCD-ish about it and might not let others help me because they don't do it right. But every year she makes it to the top and this year will probably be no different.

  11. I love this... cannot WAIT to be with family for the holidays, this post makes me all warm inside ;)

  12. Your tree looks beautiful! We put ours up this weekend, I'll have to get a photo up on my blog at some point :)