On Boring Days In China

Life in China requires much creativity for entertainment.
As you can't just hop in your car and run to the movies or out for lunch.

 Here's how we created fun for a potentially boring afternoon.

We put on the fanciest dresses we could find.
Dolled up our faces with poshity make-up.
Pulled out the cutest heels in the closet.
Hopped on onto trusty Bus 85.
And once we were in the beautiful Green Lake Park, we let our trigger finger run wild.

Don'tchya love all the lovely little spots?! 
And the gorgeous natural light?!
{in case you haven't noticed, i've been forced to post photos straight out of the camera, due to lack of editing software with me.}

What we didn't love were all the creepy Chinese boys who kept staring and staring.
I mean, they all stare anyways.  So why should we care.
But what's not extra awkward about people passing you by and bravely saying what are probably the only few English words they know

Ahh. . . thanks, but no thanks. 
Keep your eyes to yourself, yo.
Or my hunky hubs will come cut them out of your head.
Amen and amen.


Gah, I srsly luurrvve these girls.  They are like seesters to me.  How lucky I am to hang out with their beautifulness for two weeks?!

In other random news, I am literally DY.ing from the pure and utter lack of Hubs.  
Which means that, while I will muchly miss the girls, I am achingly needing a long kissing sesh with the man.  
Like seriously, do you know that two weeks without that does to a woman?!
Crazy, deranged thoughts, yo!

Good thing it's only 5 more days. . . wow.  That looks depressing in writing.

Don't forget the most amazing givewaway that is going on LIT-RU-LEE as.we.speak.
{or type rather}

HERE and enter.  You don't want to miss out on a chance at this perfect, fall scarf.
I mean, I pretty much go and enter to win myself like 27 times a day.  I want it that.bad.
Ok, kidding.
{but srsly}


For anyone who was confused yesterday, be sure you comment ONCE for EACH and EVERY entry.  That includes following the blog, twitter or bloglovin'. 
Plus tweeting or blogging about the giveaway.
Yo, this means you could enter up to FIVE times.
That rocks.
I'm gonna go blog about it right now. . .


  1. looks like you guys make the most of boring days in china!!! love it!

  2. Cute pics! Looks like you girls are having so much fun in China! That would be such a neat thing to do...I bet you do miss your hubby! Two weeks is a long time!

  3. Five days! You can do it girl, you're almost there! And it looks like you're having a great time too, which helps!

  4. I'm so glad you commented on my blog because now I found yours! Love that you call your man hubs too. Exicted to flip through more, love that your honest and open!

  5. I almost wish that life would get that boring for me! Getting dolled up and snapping pictures in a beautiful place (with creeper chinese men?) sounds like so much FUN! Seriously!
    And you are gorgeous!
    I hope the next 5 days fllllly by for you!

  6. Beautiful photos! Who doesn't love getting dressed up and having pics taken? Love it! :)

  7. cool!!! These photos are great! looks like fun.
    What city in China are you in?

  8. I don't know what's better: your outfit or your hair. LOVE that hair! :)

  9. Nicole, you look so pretty in that dress!!

  10. hahahaha i totally can relate to the creeper dudes... they do that in jamaica to the american girlies too. what is up with that?! lol ;)
    love this photo shoot!

  11. super fun photo shoot =) my favorite China boy story is one day I was walking along minding my own business as usual and two guys riding bikes in opposite directions were both staring at me and failed to pay attention to what was in front of them - which happened to be each other, lol. head-on crash, super funny, keep your face straight ahead so as not to embarrass them... sigh. there are only so many places in the world you can feel like a celebrity for no reason at all =)