The Proposal

In honor of today being the long anticipated reunion of Hubs and I, I decided to pull from the archives of my old bloggity blog, the story of how my sweet man proposed.

Pour a cup of tea and enjoy a little bit of sappiness. . . we will be spreading the love in the airport with lots of hugs and kisses.
{Ahh you glorious reunion, you. . . how I've been aching for you}

- - - 
On January 5, I was standing in a shack, beach restaurant, waiting for my amazing man. He walked around the corner and my heart stood still as he came towards me with happy, nervous smiles. With his arm around my waist, he lead me outside and we started walking down the beach.

My heart was pounding.
{T O D A Y was the day!}


We came to a trail of sparkly, blue stones and one corked bottle sticking out of the sand. Inside was cream paper with gold trim. The scrawling writing said all kinds of sweet things and ended with
"maybe it's bribery, but this is my attempt to keep you around..."


As we followed the trail of two more corked bottles. One had a list of things he loves about me and one had a list of his favorite memories with me. I laughed along the way and told Adam "I really think I want to get to the end of the line!"

{Random note: Who the heck calls you when you are being proposed to?! Seriously. And no. I didn't answer it.} ;)


When we came around the corner, there was a table with roses and candles and a picnic basket. And one more corked bottle. Inside was a poem. It said he was a lovesick boy. And the only cure was an answer to one question...
He got down in the sand on one knee and a gorgeous, sparkly ring came out of his pocket.
{And how could I say anything but Y.E.S.}


{Follow this with lots of laughter, jumping, hugging, and stares at my brand new glam. Notice the motion of hair. Did I say LOTS of jumping and laughing?! Yes.}


I love this amazing man so much. I feel humbled that he wants to be my husband. I am unbelievably blessed by God. Adam is the best gift He has ever given me.
We are so excited to get married. June 4 seems so far away. But in the next 126 days, we are going to rock the world by thoroughly enjoying being engaged... until we can rock the world as the amazing Mr and Mrs Neesby.
{B O O S H}
- - -
Speaking of rocks, check this little beauty out. Didn't my man do amazingly?! He picked this out on his own {with a teeny bit of thoughts from sissy}. 
Wow. Have I mentioned that I love him?!



  1. What a beautiful ring! Lovely story -Bianca http://cactusfashion.blogspot.com

  2. Oh my gosh, this is a wonderful proposal story! It's perfect! And that rock is gorgeous!

  3. This is the most perfect, adorable proposal story!! :]

  4. lovely nicole! {your story and the ring:)} i loved how you obviously jumped around in your giddiness! :)

  5. What a perfect proposal story so intimate! It reminds me on my memories..

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  6. What a seriously sweet proposal! Serious kudos to your man :) And your ring is indeed something spectacular.

    So excited for you to get to reunite with your hubby - still 8 days for me!


  7. i wanna know who called. ;)

    ahhh--- perfect anna of green gables story. <3

    love you both.

    can't wait to see you in thirty-sum days. YES!

  8. love, love, love this story! :)

  9. Aww, this is SO sweet! And the CLOSEST thing to our proposal story that I've ever read! My husband Josh buried a "bottle in the sand" hours before the proposal and marked it with a rock, so when we sat on the beach and made a sand castle together later that day, I would find it! haha! This makes me want to share ours. Maybe I will for the anniversary of our engagement (in a few months). :)

    Anyway, I came here to say thanks for stopping by my blog to comment and now I'm a new follower! :)

  10. One of the best proposal stories I have heard. I can only hope for one as sweet and thoughtful :)

    Did you know someone was taking pictures the whole time?

  11. You lucky girl! Hang on to that man with a death grip! What a perfect day! I remember the day I got my "shiny". I still love to watch it twinkle in the sunlight.

  12. Whoa...that's one to tell the grandkids. I LOVE seeing people over-the-moon in love :)

  13. This is so sweet! What a great guy! Your little one's will love this story one day!

  14. what a magical day... enjoy every second of your engagement. it goes fast. bless you both!!!

    (and awesome that it is documented!)

  15. you definitely got yourself a keeper! what an amazing way to propose...i hope he continues his romance as you live your life together day by day!

  16. what a sweet story- I love proposals. We got engaged at the beach too!