A Thankful List

In honor the fast approaching favorite holiday of Thanksgiving, you will begin to see some thankful lists popping up here on this little bloggity.  Choosing to focus on all the blessings God has put in my life, helps me put the tough things in perspective.  

What about you?!  Do you have a thankful list?!  Email them to me and maybe, just maybe, they will be featured here this month!

10. Mint Ice Cream flavored oreos.  Thank you China for being brave with your flavors. . . you can keep your Green Tea, thank you very much.

9. Pedicures for 20RMB {about $3}  Purple with white flowers and sparkles would make any girl's day better.

8. Four-way Skype dates with sissy, her sweet man and Hubs.  AND the free 7 day trial to make this happen.  Boosh.

7. Twisty tofu for dinner.  Srsly rocks.my.world.

6. Psalms for soul-comfort.  Amen and amen.  And knowing His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

5. Stomach-wrenching laughter over late night games of Scattergories.  Since when can you use a spoon to eat gravel?!  Whatthewhat, dear-darling Laura?!

4.  All your sweet comments, emails and words.  You have no idea how much they have lifted my spirits during this time in China.  Thankful hugs being sent to each and every single one of you darlings.   Mwauh.

3. How spicey-hot Hubs is when he's helping us with math problems via Skype.  I mean seriously, who knows how to find the square root of random numbers??  And long hand to boot?!  Mhhmmm, baby.  Come to mama!

2. Walking through the veggie market to buy supplies for dinner.  The colors are purely inspiring. . . if you can get past the naked chickens hanging from that wire across the way.

1. The fact that I am less than 92 hours away from being back with my best and favorite lover boy.  That first kiss is gonna be killer folks. . .


  1. Pedi for $3?! Oh my goodness, you lucky girl.
    I'm a new follower!
    Would you like to do a button swap with me?

  2. oh man, make sure they sterilize their tools before they work on your toes!!! haha have loved reading your blogs from China missy!!! safe travels back!!

  3. woah woah, 3 dollah make you hollah????!!!


  4. Sounds so fun!! Hope your next 72 hrs are fun and fast :)

  5. I'm loving reading about your experiences in China. Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into a whole 'nother world!

  6. I love your thankful list! - but am so jealous that you get to see your man so soon (but happy for you of course!) mines only coming back in 12 days - not that I'm counting or anything ;)


  7. mint ice creamed oreos. WHAT?? i need to get me some asap! adore anything mint. and love this festive spirit!
    xo TJ

  8. this made me laugh.
    i was at a farmers market today where they were selling chickens, but thankfully they weren't hanging for all to see. that probably would have turned my stomach. ha, ha

    love farmer's markets though.

    love this list also.

    i try to do a little mini list with my kids every night before going to sleep. i think it's important.

  9. Pedicures for $3?! That is awesome! And I also LOVE mint oreos! Mmmm! The veggie market pictures are gorgeous! And I love just everything about this list! November is wonderful!!

  10. hahah the naked chickens part made me laugh! I just might have to do a thankful list and send it to you! :)

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  12. i absoultely LOVE your happy list! scattergories is sooo fun! playing it with best friends makes it even more fun! :)

  13. Like this thankful list!!! :)
    I think I will make one soon. Everyone should...

  14. haha NOTHING beats hilarious china and their funny foods