To Be Brave

Most of my days have been completely and utterly overwhelming.
You may laugh because I often appear to be the most carefree and happy person on God's green earth.

And in many ways I am.
But yet there is this real side to life that we are in the middle of that hurts to the deep corners of my heart.

This morning Adam had a dentist appointment that ended in immediate oral surgery for a tooth extraction.
As I lay in the back of the car trying to catch up on some sleep that was lost last night
every brave and courageous feeling in my heart left.

From the bills to the house projects
the constant lack of funds
the family situations that ache so deeply
plans for the future
harsh words that slip out 
the three jobs I try to juggle

Why is it so easy to feel the bravery
the faith
the courage
the hope
slip away?!

So easy to forget God's promises
to forget that He is using these trials in our lives for a greater purpose?!

Am I just talking to Nicole here
or have you felt these feelings before?!
I share because transparency is good for the soul.
I share because maybe you are walking through these same struggles yourself.

Together we can pray for peace to fill our hearts
as we cling to promises like this from Psalms

I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits, 
   and in his word I put my hope. 
 I wait for the Lord 
   more than watchmen wait for the morning, 
   more than watchmen wait for the morning.

Israel, put your hope in the LORD, 
   for with the LORD is unfailing love 
   and with him is full redemption.
{psalms 130}

- - - 

I am so thankful for this rock of a man that God has put in my life.
His patience and love are like a salve to my soul.

As is the simple beauty of this wonderful time of year.

:: decorating the tree at the family's house
:: pinecones and red ribbons
:: the cheery kitchen window
:: welcome to our home
:: homemade rustic pears


  1. No, you're definitely not alone. I have felt the same way, too. It's easy for me to feel "trapped"...juggling three jobs, too, never making "enough" money. But then God reminds me [as He does you :)] that this is not eternal. Fixing my eyes on things eternal helps put things in perspective. And, He always gives the strength to make it through each and every situation. :)

    And we are waaaaaaaay more blessed + richer than a greater population of the world. So, so, so blessed.....!!!

    Love you.

  2. Keep your faith, prayers, and always trying to-do-better attitude. I promise, these trials will solidify your marriage.

  3. Will you please post a tutorial for those pears sometime? So cute!

  4. You're definitely not alone. Thankfully things always get better, but it is hard to remember that sometimes (at least for me).

  5. I can relate to your fears on so many levels. I hope it gets better soon!

  6. Love your decorations! Hang in there, this all shall pass. We've had a rough couple of years, but things are getting better here. They will get better for you too :)

  7. Sounds a little familiar! Especially thinking about the future, it can all get a little overwhelming, can't it?
    What would we do without our boys?!

  8. Hey girl. I know how you feel. I am extremely similar when it comes to life in general. I am such a giddy/happy and outgoing person, but life has just been dragging me down so much recently. With family divisions creating extreme pain for my parents, the death of my best friend, poor decisions that I've made that will forever scar me. It's hard! But we keep the faith and look to the Lord!

  9. Girl, you are not just talking to yourself. There are so many days that I struggle to be brave and cling to His promises.

    I really struggle with worry about the future. This week my pastor talked about the power of the imagination but how we abuse it..one way we abuse it is worry and fear. He said something that really stuck with me and that I'm trying to cling to this week...

    "If you are imagining the future and finding yourself in fear, then you're imagining the worst case, future scenario WITHOUT the presence of God."

    Keep strong! You're not the only one, and remember, the Lord is faithful to His people.

  10. I applaud you for actually doing some of your pinterest projects! the pears look cute =)

    I have lived through many "what-ifs" and came to realize that God doesn't give us future peace, he gives us peace for the right now. much like Carly said up there, we can't imagine ourselves into peace because God's grace is a moment by moment thing, doled out as we need it. whenever I am overwhelmed and discouraged I find I am thinking too far into the future, (basically past today) and yes, God's ways are so much bigger than we can dream up.

    But as it is written:“ Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9

    When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul. Psalm 94:18-19

    But He gives more grace. James 4:6a (and surrounding is good also)

    Psalm 66 and 121 are also excellent.

    be encouraged, Nicole, I'm praying for your situations also...

  11. I love the Christmas decorations!

    I totally understand what you mean about feeling the hope and bravery and everything slipping away. It is definitely hard at times. Thank you for sharing this sweet message though! :]

  12. You are definitely not alone Nicole and I'm glad you posted this because I've also been feeling not so brave these days for many of the same reasons - lack of funds, family issues which seem irresolvable, harsh words when we're under pressure.

    It happens to the best of us - but at least we always know that we have the lord on our side!


  13. You are not alone...I feel like this far too often!

    But I try and remain positive and deal with the trial and tribulations because if you never had them, you wouldn't truly appreciate what you have, and then you would never get anything more.

    Hope things sort themselves out for you.


  14. i adore your decorations...simple yet stunning!

    i understand your feelings too. it is so so easy to get down in the dumps about the trials in life. it is so important to remember God is always there and will always pull us through.


  15. Keep your head up, girl! We all have times like that. But without the bad in our lives, we could never know the joy that comes along with the good! You'll be all right!

  16. Reflecting is so good for me because in the midst of those hard times it is so easy to forget where our faith lies.

    Love these words of encouragement
    hoping you will find strength and encouragement in those around you.