{Tutorial} Window Calendar

Deep in my heart I have this infatuation with chalkboards and chalk.  

Maybe it's from my inner love for the old one room school houses.
Maybe it's because you can write all kinds of cutesies, then wipe and start over.
Maybe it's because of my love for the chalkboard directions sign I handmade for our wedding reception.

Either way, when I stumbled upon this adorable chalkboard calendar, I feel madly instantly in love. 

The sweet girl over the blog, Rose & Crown, created hers on a board.
I decided to branch out and buy an old window from the Antique Mall.
Three whooping dollahs, yo!

Now before I go into the grand tutorial, you must know that I'm kind of a lazy person.
When I get my mind set on doing something, I want it done instantly, yet perfectly.
The instant desires overpower the perfect desires on most days.
All this to say, you can probably do this whole project one hundred times better with a few extra steps.
Cheers to you.

Back to the good stuffs.

After wiping down the window to take away the 100 year old cobwebs, I spray painted the white frame black because it will go better with my future kitchen color schemes.

Spray painting these types of things usually looks like a piece of paper and the can of paint.
I hold the paper along the edges and corners while spraying that area.
Sooo dang quicker than taping, etc.
As I told you, lazy, but seriously it kinda adds to the overall shabby chic feel.

After the wood dried, I taped off the corners of the window that I wanted for a cute glass edge.
I also taped off 28 tiny squares for the date spots and one long month spot
{again, a teenybit lazy with the photos of the steps.  sorry lovelies}

I then brushed on the black chalkboard paint, right over the top of the taped sections.
The glass surface seemed to require two coats for full covering.
You may only need one if you decide to use a wood of sorts.
The bottom portion of the window was painted for notes, grocery lists, etc

After it was thoroughly dry to the touch, I carefully peeled back the layers of tape. 
Then I let it cure overnight before filling in the dates.

Now we will never miss events again with this lovely calendar hanging in our kitchen. . . 
Unless I'm too busy googling over my adorable crooked lines and smeared paint.

Lovelies. . . I hope you have the most 
day tomorrow.

I'm taking the weekend off from blogging to spend some time with Hubs. 
But never fear, I've scheduled some super rad awesome posts you won't wanna miss.
My Uber Thankful List
Yeah.  Don't go far away, ok?!  Ok.



  1. So so cute!! Wow! You did an awesome job!

    If you want to- before you go on your bloggy break you should enter the giveaway I'm hosting right now! :D

  2. Love love LOOOVE that calendar! So adorably cute. And you are so creative to do it on an old window. Wanna live closer so we can be friends and decorate our houses together?!? By the way, pretty please tell me where you got/made your super cute curtains in your last post? I've been looking all around and something like that would look darling in my new kitchen. It might be just the ticket.

  3. this is such a great idea. nice work & lovely to meet you!

  4. ohmygoodness. you are brilliant!!! I LOVE it. and I am the same way when it comes to crafting. My 'try out my brilliant idea' normally overrides the perfectionist in me.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I am now your newest follower and I'm so excited to catch up on your blog. Love the chalkboard you made! Amazing!

  6. Pretty sure we are crafty kindred spirits... the way you described your crafting philosophy is. SO. me. That would be why I have a board on pinterest entitled "if I had the patience", and some of the stuff on my other boards really needs to get moved there bcuz I I just know it's not realistic for my ADD crafty self to do. Kudos on this project, tho, it is super fun :)

  7. Love that! I'm addicted to chalkboard paint.