The Art of Life

I believe that God created the world.
Created the beauty we find in it.
Created us to enjoy that beauty.

Sadly we live in a fallen world where pain and suffering can mar that beauty.
Where technology, traffic, crowds and noise 
blind our eyes to the simple joys in life.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how to beautify my life.
The life of Husband.
Of my friends.
My family.

Beauty in life is more than large diamonds that blind your eyes.
More than the most beautiful dress from Anthropologie
or hair with each strand meticulously in place.
It's more than each room looking like a Pottery Barn

For me
Beauty is making life
living art.

This is 
the way I dress
{getting out of the jeans and tee shirts that 
jump out of the drawer each morning}
It is the simple curls in my hair.

It is the way I cook my food
Serve it on those scrolly white dishes.
It is pinecones and ribbon in the window.
A grocery list beautifully written.

It is the beauty of my dreams for the future
The way I love those who are hard I would rather not
The smiles I give to a stranger
The touch on husband's arm when times are tough.

It is the red ribbon around a brown paper package
Words of encouragement on a card for a friend.
My personality. My humor. My love.

 It is taking time to enjoy the sunset.
The photos that capture the beauty around me
The words of worship when I'm all alone

Life becomes the canvas for art
The lines of worship music
The chance to embrace all the beauty God has made


  1. Such a beautiful post. Simplicity has definitely been on my heart lately. It's a shame how we miss out on the true beauty in life .

  2. I've been thinking over these last few days about God and the many gifts He has given us, all the way down to the breathe we take each moment. It makes me wonder what gift I can give back to Him this year. Lately I feel like my life is this beautiful canvas--a gift straight from God because I am so blessed--and I keep scribbling on it! I wish I could be that most patient mother and I wish I could be that perfect doting wife. But it just ain't happenin' this week, no matter how hard I try. But maybe, like you said, some curls in my hair and a gentle touch can help beautify it a little bit.

  3. And this is Beautiful Nic! I've been thinking a LOT about beauty this week as well....

  4. Beautiful post. Such a great way to live life...noticing simple joys like this.

  5. this is such a lovely post, and with some beautiful photography too!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Beautiful post!

  7. Wow!! I love this! Incredible writing!