Friday Files {edition eleven}

:: The journey of our laundry, from basket to drawers, usually takes around a week.  What?!  You have not heard of the wonderful pressing abilities the couch can have on your socks and shirts?!  Better than an iron, I tell ya.

:: A random fact on the subject of laundry.  I never fold my underwear.  It's like a colorful mountain hunt every morning.  {tmi, no!?}

:: Sure hope people' don't mind getting a Christmas card at New Years. . . . darn procrastinator that I am.

:: Two things I have learned since being married.  Number One: Making one's bed and doing dishes all the time is completely overrated.  Number Two: So is making a big deal out of number one when it's not done.

:: I never pack for trips until the night before we leave.  So much more efficient. . .

:: Can you believe I just started my Christmas shopping this morning?!  Please spare me and don't say it's no surprise, kay?!  Pretend to be surprised and amazed at my last minute abilities.  Prettyplease and thankyou.

- - - 

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Perfect mix of anthro and Christmas cheer
if I do say so meself.



  1. I never pack for trips til the night before too! Your blog is so cute... and I love the pics!

  2. I never pack until the night before either!

  3. I don't pack until the night before either. (Mostly because I only wear about 6 different things, so I'd have nothing to wear if it was all in a bag.) AND I completely agree with how efficient couch pressing is. Just wait, a 2 year old totally adds to that effect with the jumping on and piling up of the clothes. Great fun!! :)


  4. We're not doing Christmas cards either. We're doing New Years cards.

  5. oh. my. goodness. i just blogged about the same thing with laundry. i just wonder what my laundry life will become when we add two boys to the mix. i think i might need to step up my game. thanks for the smile.

  6. haha pretty sure my laundry always takes a week and a half round trip! and I only started folding my undies when I got married, not sure why though.

  7. I just found your blog and I love it!! I related to this post so much especially since my sink is full of dishes and there is a huge basket full of clean clothes laying next to my bed right now! Can't wait to catch up on all I have missed out on by just finding your blog today