Friday Files {edition nine}

:: Adam likes to draw graphs to help us visual the difference between guys and girls.  We needed lots of those graphs this past week.

:: My big accomplishments on my day off were two loads of laundry and dishes.  Yay for me.

:: Sometimes I feel like I need a secretary for all my emails. . . it is sodanghard to keep up.

:: I apparently do not know how to assemble a commercial coffee pot.  My way ends in coffee brewing over the pot, onto the counter and running across the floor.

:: Dear Sissy Tiffany, I'm sorry I've missed so many of your calls this week from Mexico.  I love you and kinda feel like a horrible sister right about now.  xoxo

:: I have such high hopes of being a fashionable mama someday. . . the fact that I barely got out of comfy clothes yesterday is not giving me much hope for the future.

:: Hubs and I try really hard to be honest and share things that frustrate us about the other person.  Just for communications' sake, we always say.   Sometimes a lot of times this makes for hard conversations. . . this week there was a lot of communication that happened.  Thank God we are closer because of every.single.conversation.  Amenandamen.


  1. dear sissy nicole,
    you're only trying to be a wife, sister, daughter, employee, chef, cleaner, doctor, dentist, in home decorator, blogger, sports fan, missionary, secretary, fashion consultant... and the list goes on!
    don't worry. you are doing awwwesome. i love you.

  2. You are doing awesome and I'm sure your hubs couldn't ask for anything more!

    Also, I'm linking back to your page today for Friday Files :)


  3. honesty's the best policy! haha but seriously, that's so sweet. you and your husband, i mean. :)

  4. Coffee pots kinda blow my mind too, don't worry. And I forwarded your husband's graph to my husband, and I think he had a mini-party with your husband, because he responded with a photo of him celebrating (he even had a balloon...where did he even get that??), happy Friday!

  5. Communication is SO tough - I find myself holding back sometimes when I know I just need to let it all out (in a loving way of course). Marriage is hard. So good but who says hard isn't good?

  6. Aw, don't be so hard on yourself. You're trying to be a lot to a lot of people. And just so ya know, I'm a stay-at-home mom who loves her job, even though sometimes all I get done is the laundry and dishes! I love dolling myself up for church and to go to town, but some sweats when I'm just chasing my boy at home all day feels really good too.

  7. Ian and I have conversations like that too. One time it got really heavy and we we just sitting on the couch telling each other what we don't like about the other person. We never do this, but it was needed at that time. His included when I leave the water pitcher out on the table instead of in the fridge. Hahaha. Good thing I know now because I never do it anymore!

  8. Love this! And that graph is hilarious! Maybe when I don't get what my husband is trying to say I'll have to have him draw me a graph as well! And I agree that those conversations are hard but definitely bring you closer! It's amazing how important communication is!

  9. Ugh - I know how difficult it is to be honest for the sake of communication - so difficult! - But always worth it in the end.

    Keep your chin up lady!


  10. haha i love that graph. that seems just right.
    communication is always important, just sometimes hard to do for all of us!!


  11. I can definitely relate to your last paragraph! big time!