Friday Files {edition ten}

:: Outfit photos being taken while the camera will not focus make for many lovely serious faces.  I mean, comm'on.  Don't tell me yours are always perfect?!

:: Our bedroom looked as though a volcano had exploded and let rubble and ash all around.  Clean clothes, DVDs, purses, shoes, dirty clothes, chinese books and blankets strewn all around.  Cleaning that up was my big project of the day.   Yay, me!

:: Sometimes I think if I really told people how emotionally volatile I can be, I'm pretty sure I would have no more friends.

:: I found this awesome workout video on YousTubes a while back.  Can you believe that I actually am falling for this probable scam of exercise?!  I've lowered myself to doing 'The World's Fastest Workout' and remotely hoping it might work?!  How the hexa am I?!

:: There have been razzledazzleawesome Christmas card ideas rolling around in my head for the last several months.  Suddenly I realize that I have this teensy-weensy window of time left.  So what do I do?!  Abandon that whole track and go with something lazier.  .  . you should know what I'm thinking.  What were my all time fav pics this fall?!  Yeah.  I'm now officially lame-sauce.

:: Last night I was deaddog tired.  What did I do!?  Leave poor Hubs with his work and crawl straight into bed.  Next thing I know he is jumping on top of me saying that he fixed the leaking toilet upstairs.  Jumping I tell ya, like a bunny rabbit.  I managed to mumble out some words of how he's awesome and then I was straight back to the Zz's.  It's now official.  We have become an boring old married couple.  {Note: Hubs says he did NOT jump like a rabbit.  My sleep deranged mind, maybe?!  Yes.  He was hopping like Mr CottonTail himself.}


  1. I love those balloon pics. Seriously. Never get rid of them. I want to do a cute shoot like that someday!

  2. Fun. I've really come to enjoy your Friday files! I love that real life is evident in your blog

  3. by "emotionally volatile" do you by any chance mean "fiery redhead"? because that would be maybe a leeetle believable ;)

    pretty sure it's a prerequisite to be overly emotional your first year of marriage, fyi. pretty sure I cried a few times... or so. in spite of David's general confusion about my state of mind, he kinda liked it because I needed him more and was less little miss independent-pants, lol.

  4. My husband comes in from work about 1:00 or so. I am always asleep and he always wakes me up enough for me to say hi(at least that's what he says). The scary part is I don't remember a bit of it the next day... what else do you think I said?

  5. Our bedroom is a warzone at the moment as well :) I believe Christmas/holidays is the culprit, although watching The Help last night and making cookies is sort of a culprit too...happy weekend!!