Girl Time On The Couch

Can I just say I love each and every one of you?!
Even though many of us have never met?

It's always kinda blows my mind when I run into people 
{from friends to acquaintances to people I barely know}
 and they say I read your blog all the time.  
I'm like for reals?  That little thang?

Then it kinda hits me how many of you. . . literally around the world
are a real part of this dream of mine.
And I feel kind of sad we can't just sit and have a good long girl chat.
Those chats where we talk about what's going on in our life
our struggles
the joys
the dreams and hopes for the future

So here's my attempt to do that.  My attempt to sit on the couch next to you.
Maybe some big cups of cider and some delicious fattening Christmas treats in our hands.
Just friends.  Connecting.  Sharing life together.

I would tell you that the Christmas play yesterday touch my heart in many ways.
Reminding me of the real miracle that God would come to earth as a little baby.
Live in our messy world. 
Love our ugly selfish hearts.
Give hope for our futures before they even began.

I would share that I hate that Monday morning is almost here.
I ache to be home.
To not have to be gone so much.
My heart is searching, seeking for something to make that possible.

I would then probably smile and tell you how thankful I am for my boy.
How much I achingly love him.
Those moments we are laughing over some ridiculous joke
The moments he kisses my cheek.
The moments in the movies when it's a scary part and I squeeze his hand extra hard.
Those are the moments where nothing else matters and 
I thank God for giving me such a gift.

I would also probably remind myself aloud that marriage is hard.
Like the moments when I know it has to get worse 
before it can get better.
But working through the conflicts actually, literally makes us stronger.


Christmas would come up
I would tell you that it never seems long enough
Seems to slip past magically
Kind of leaves me aching for more
Maybe that's the magic of it all

I would also smile at my procrastination
That not one of my gifts have been bought yet
That it must be completed this week
And that I can't wait to wrap them all beautiful and simple.

I would also probably share that sometimes my heart almost explodes with dreams
Sometimes dreams I don't quite understand and even 
know how to put to words.
Dreams of creativity
making a difference
Knowing that I am here on earth for a purpose
That God gave me gifts talents and
dreams for me alone
To walk out during my time on earth.
And that sometimes finding those dreams takes days of searching

Then I would talk about how excited I am to head to Colorado on Saturday
That week of skiing 
and hanging out with my sweet Neesby family
I cannot wait
How we miss them

And of course not to forget that my very first
baby girl
is joining the family
in about 6 weeks.
The world should prepare for the
most doting, adoring auntie ever.
I am already in love with her.

I may also share how God has been laying 
relationships on my heart
How can I pour life into those around me?
This is what matters most

Last but especially not least
I would lean over to hug you
For being a part of this dream of writing
Our little blog has become a place of creative outpouring
these last six months.
A dream that grows in my heart a little more each day.
With every follower
every comment
every visit to a page
Every encouraging email
You are making that dream possible.
You inspire me
And I'm especially thankful

- - - 

Thanks for joining me on our couch for some girl time.
Thanks for listening to my heart.
For being becoming such a special part of my life and heart.

Maybe we can do it again sometime?!

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  1. Beautiful post.

    p.s. - Can't wait to do it again! :)

  2. Love your blog!


  3. WOuld love to do it again...it's posts like these that make me love your blog!

  4. yay for "couch chit-chats." ;) enjoyed it.

  5. Thanks for inspiring ME and for keeping it real. :) Please keep writing.

  6. This is probably my favorite post you have done!

  7. you have the most beautiful heart, nicole. i loved this girl chat on the couch. (:

  8. Loved this post.. I feel we literally sat on the sofa and had ourselves a good ol chat :)

  9. LOVED this post!! Thanks for the lovely chat "on the couch." Your awesome!

  10. Ah! This was a good talk! Thanks for visiting me today, too!

  11. awh such beautiful words! You hit the mark when you said God is laying relationships upon your heart. that is how i feel too. Giving up time with, time for those in my life is so important to me because i know it makes it difference. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day! :) I am part of a new blog that will be launching this week, excited and will let you know when/where. I am now a lovely follower of your cute blog!

  12. I love this. Even though I've only talked to you briefly on facebook a few times [and haven't even met you; we moved to idaho before Adam got to show you off to us! =) ] I love reading other people's blogs and yours is no exception. You and Adam are so blessed, tell him hi from Brooke and Brandon!

    PS Here is my blog, I love to write as much as I love to read. I hope you check it out! www.rothstories.blogspot.com

  13. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm now following yours and I love this post!