Hello, This Is Me.


You know how hard it is to really truly be yourself?!
Maybe that's just me.

Sometimes I think I'm a chameleon in a human shell. . . 

I see her and I think
Gosh I love the artsy look
Then I see one of my best friends
On second thought I would rather dress in that 
classic, beautiful style.

Sometimes I think I want to run my own business
Then again, maybe I would like to stay home and do nothing 
except cook and clean.

This casual, organic hair style is so unique and real.
But sometimes I think I want to be like my adorable 
friend who always has every hair in place
perfectly stylish and adorable

Somedays I think I want my blog to look crisp and clean 
Then again maybe I could rock this
crazy assortment of photos and 
Do I write about life?
Post fashion photos?

Why is it so hard to embrace the beautiful, unique person
God created me to be?!

Why can't I be me in the 
most real way

Why do I secretly live to please each and every 
other unique and special person I come across?!

Why, oh why, do I cheat myself out of the joys of
being the one and only, singular 
Nicole Marie Chmelar {Neesby}
God will ever, ever make?!

I am Nicole.
Somedays I love to mix and match my clothes
in the only way I can.
Somedays I just want to wear that classic jeans and tee.

I hate working for other people
in the normal forty hours.
I want to create
be inspired.

I sometimes get confused about what to blog about.
Sometimes I want to quit.
{to which my sister says she will have to commit suicide if I quite blogging.  kinda strong, no?!  guess i'm not quitting. . .}
I love the change to write 
and create
and become friends with so many amazing people.

I feel everything deeply.
I care about relationships.
I fight for them.
I seek them out.

I can't wait to have babies.
To bring babies home from places around the world.
I adore my boy.
with heaps of grace from God
we will change the world.

So here's to the new year of embracing ME.
A new year of getting outside of my comfort zones.
To be.
To live.
To create.
To dream.
To love.

Just the way I was meant to.


  1. That last picture is amazing! Way too cute!


  2. So beautifully written! I think you are doing a great job of being you with posts like this! You're beautiful girl!

  3. I LOVE what you write you inspire ME keep writing :) God's so good :)

  4. Its so important to be the person that God desires us to be... its not always easy, but it is always a good goal!! Thanks for the inspiration for the New Year!!! :)

  5. I think this all the time. I'm 35. I float. I'm indecisive and I love EVERYTHING. I think that it is just how I am. I have a hard time picking one way, or one thing. I want it all. I want to feel and taste and touch and smell and hear it all. I want to like black and white one day, and bright orange the next. I love old and new. Modern and classic.

    I just can't be one way.

    Flip me over and I'm something totally different.

    I think that is me.

    I change.

    And maybe that is why I love you.


  6. Beautiful post!!! I've struggled with this before to. But let me just say that you are beautiful and wonderful just the way you are :)

  7. you just don't know how much i need this RIGHT NOW. thank you for putting it out there loud and clear for me to be reminded to be who God made me to be.

  8. I've had this Same. Exact. Struggle. my entire life!! I live to please and forget to just be me. Blogging is the first place I've ever just let my hair down and not cared what comes out. It's liberating, and I'm learning who I am, cause honestly, half the time, I don't know. lol. You're doing a great job! Just be you. Don't worry about fitting into a certain niche. Niches are boring. Life is messy. Be apart of it. Be You! And thanks for EVERYTHING this month. I had such a good time getting to know you better! :)

    All The Love In The Universe

  9. I definitely know how you feel! :) I'm sure most of us do. Here's to bettering ourselves- together. :)

  10. i'm a new follower and already LOVE the person (and blog) that you are! blessings, friend!

  11. This is a great post. I often think a lot of those same things, but really it's ok to be a little bit of everything. Embrace it!

  12. This is such a beautiful post, YOU are beautiful.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  13. i LOVE these photos!! you guys are so cute!

    Jenna Duty


  14. This is such a beautiful post! Sometimes I feel exactly the same way - maybe we're just too easily inspired?! I love your blog layout - so I vote you keep it as it is!

  15. Beautiful pictures!! Lovin your layout as well :)

    xo Shane

  16. i like you just the way you are. it's okay to like a little bit of everything too. i am usually all about the clean cut, classic look, but every once in a while i put a certain outfit and micah will come home and say "oh, my indie rocker wife is in town today.." ha!

  17. The last shot is sooo romantic!


  18. I love this it is exactly how i feel thank you

  19. I really like the last picture so intimate...

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  20. this resonated deep with me. like, super deep. deep deep deep.
    I have been this way for as long as I can remember.
    Good thing there is always, always Grace. :)