A Perfect Crooked Tree

I should really wait to post this 'til tomorrow but I'm so giddy excited with how magical our house became overnight.
You don't mind, no?!

As you already know
yesterday was our official tree cutting day

{hubs says this was the only size we could afford}


My official job was putting pressure on the tree while he got his cute bum down on the wet grass and used his big muscles for sawing.
Sweet boy. . . 

For some reason I have a knack for picking huge trees. 
I mean, in the big wide open they don't look so big. . . until they get inside our house.
But ahh how I adore me some big festive trees!


The serious Christmas magic began last night after our cookie decorating pals left
After some intense sawing and shoving into the tree stand
nailing little boards to prop up the badly crooked stump
we began stringing the 
big bulb, vintage-looking lights.

It was pretty cute how excited Hubs was as we hung our few decorations.
And my little heart skipped a beat when he said
We are like a real family

Then we started talking about what traditions are important to us.
Of course one of mine is cutting the tree

How sweet is my man when he said we should have a tradition where we decorate the tree
then watch our favorite Christmas movie?!
This boy gets it.
And that is why I love him.

So we pulled our big couch near the tree
and did just that.

So our tree may look crooked in it's stand
Our room may look empty and big
We may have no curtains on the windows

But we have each other
and love
and traditions with memories to make
and most of all hope and peace from Jesus

Merry Christmas, lovelies!


  1. We just put ours up too. The most important thing is cutting it down, I always have, and I'm so excited my hubs was willing to do that with me

  2. okokok... you win. you got a blog post done today. dangit. ;) and a freakin awesome one tooo.

    love you!

  3. This is so sweet!!! :] I love Christmastime with my husband! Traditions are so much fun to do with each other and to create together! And that last picture is absolutely adorable!

  4. it's a perfect tree! y'all are so precious. we have the same tradition, it's the jam:) xoxo

  5. Geez you guys stop being so cute. And I love that tradition! If only I could get my husband to watch a Christmas story with me...

  6. The last picture is the best. I think it captures so much romance and genuine love, its perfect!


  7. You are too, TOO cute! Love your outfit and your moonlight tree dipping. :)

    ps - Do you read Katie's Pencil Box? For some reason I think you'd dig it. It's on my side bar. :)

  8. I love love love the tree cutting adventure. we have the same tradition, but we were definitely more bundled up around here. ;)

  9. Aww, that is really sweet!
    I wasn't going to have a Christmas tree this year, but I really a photo like your last one!
    Maybe I will decorate a tree after all...!

  10. Sweetest thing ever! It's your first Christmas together! Love your lights too. PS I think small intimate parties are much more fun than big ones!

  11. LOVED THIS. makes me want to get a real tree even more!! looks like you guys had a sweet night decorating your lovely tree :) and yay for Christmas movies!


    PS - your floor is fan-tastic

  12. So sweet!

    And I like your big empty room - it looks great for dance. ;)

  13. post away! by all means - don't christmas trees just bring such magic to a house? and how perfect is that photo you you dipping/dancing in front of it?

  14. What an intimate photos, I love that empty room so romantic... :)

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  15. Awww this is such a sweet post - love the last picture of you guys :)

    We also have a tradition in family of cutting down our own trees, but unfortunately in SA we don't have pine trees AND it's the middle of summer right now, so as long as we live here I guess a fake one will have to suffice ;)


  16. Aww.. I love that last picture! So stinkin' cute!! You guys are adorable! I love traditions! That's what makes the Holiday's for me. :) Love this post!


  17. This is one of the cutest posts ever...and you are so right its those moments which make you so thankful for that special person.

    Cheered me up today...which was no mean feat!

  18. Those nighttime Christmas tree photos are awesome! Love your blog!

  19. Just found your blog through a mutual follower. I LOVE IT! You are so young, beautiful and happy! Great post! If you'd like, come meet me and my loves (a hubs +FOUR children!) at my blog.

    These Are My Reasons

  20. CUTE scarf! love the kissing pic in front of the tree...yall are adorable!(:
    thanks for your sweet comment...isn't java chip the best?! i love it. glad you do too.(:

  21. You & your hubby are beautiful.
    Such a beautiful tree too! xx

  22. Stopping by from The PaperMama link-up, and this post caught my eye. I love the dip n' kiss in front of the tree! It's gorgeous!

  23. What a cute post! We cut down our own tree this year too - so much fun and so many memories! Your blog is just lovely :)