we did some awesome stuff this year

:: january ::

{a picnic on the beach, one diamond ring, a question that changed my life forever}

{first time skiing with my soon-to-be family.  left with 49 bruises all over my body}
- - - 

:: February ::

{after flying home from a speaking tour in Texas, I totaled my car.  alone, on the snowy roads, middle of the night}

{flew to California to surprise Adam for his birthday}
- - - 

:: March ::

{most awesome engagement photo shoot ever.  
california, Adam's airport where he flew, Malibu beaches where he proposed}

:: April ::

{Hung out with this pretty girl while on a speaking tour in Mississippi}

{mud fights with the kids after Adam moved to Iowa}
- - -

:: May ::

{Bring Me Hope night walk to raise money to send chinese orphans to a summer camp}

{our little kitten, Max, that never left mom and dad's house. . . }

{bridal showers}

{ a million and one projects the week before our wedding. including homemade aprons for the cooks}

{happy flower centerpieces}
- - - 

:: June ::

{girl time at the nail salon}

{marrying my best friend. best decision of my life.}

{honeymooning in the Ozarks.}

{honeymooning in the Bahamas}

- - - 

:: July ::

{celebrated Fourth of July}

{bought our first house}
- - -

:: August ::

{took Hubs to the famous Iowa State Fair.  ate our weight in fried food}

{ flew out to California to surprise Adam's family.  stayed for one entire month}
- - - 

:: September ::

{ took a bus across the border into Mexico to visit my amazing sister}

{experienced firsthand, her work in the poor communities through tutoring, discipleship and love}

{Took our brand new little tent camping}
- - - 

:: October ::

{THE photoshoot of the year. . . like you didn't know that already}
- - - 

:: November ::

{cooked twenty pounds of turkey for my first ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner}
- - - 

:: December ::

{cut down our first little tree. . . }

{decided on a bigger tree. which then needed to be nailed into place due to it's crooked nature}

{ski trip in Colorado with the awesome Neesbys. conquered my first black diamond}

- - - 

Hey Lovelies.
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all you have meant to me this year.
I never could have dreamed this leetle bloggy would have grown like it has.
Never dreamed I could have meet so many genuinely great people.

Thank you for reading, commenting, following.
You have become a huge part of my life.
Can't wait for more adventures together in the coming days.

And srsly
stay close by cuz I have some awesome new stuffs 
to reveal. . . 
It's gonna be bombdiggityawesome.

Have an awesome night ringing in the new year.


  1. AWESOME!!! You had one incredible year!! You guys are soooo stinkin' cute together! I just love all ALL of your pictures!! :) Too cute!! :) I can't wait to see what happens this year for you guys! :) How fun! Have a very Happy New Year! :)

    All The Love In The Universe

  2. Your, honeymooning in the Bahamas picture is gorgeous! & your house looks so lovely!!

    Sounds like a super year you have had! xxx

  3. What a WILD and great year you have had!
    SO much fun to look back on all of these times.

    Can't wait to learn more, in this new year :)

  4. Looks like an incredible and busy year! How ever will you top it?! Congrats on everything.

  5. Looks like an amazing year! You are so beautiful, too, all these pictures!!

  6. I am working on writing a review of my year...I'm still on June and have wrote 5 [handwritten] pages. it's been a good year--very excited for the new one!

  7. Holy cow you DID have a big year!! I love your house!!

  8. wow looks like an amazing year!! I love that first photo and the one with the Christmas tree :) hope you have a great new year's & all the best for 2012!!


  9. What a great year you had, what great photo's and such a pretty first home.

  10. It sure does look like a lot of awesome stuff! I hope 2012 is filled with even more awesomeness for you and yours :)

  11. You and your hubby are too cute! I'm glad you had such a great year, you accomplished so much!! Can't wait to see what you do this year!

    Loves and Happy 2012!

  12. Happy New Year! You should meet this couple (http://davidandwhitneyfuller.blogspot.com/) and this couple (http://nateandsam.wordpress.com/). I think you all might like each other.

  13. amazing post! Do u want to follow each other? (:

    xx from


  14. I love love your wedding photos too! Defintitely a new follower! Hope you could do the same. We actually live in WI at this point in time.


  15. ADOOORABLLEE PICS!!<33(: follow me?

  16. Wow, what a year! And beautiful pictures to capture it all!!

  17. Oh you are gorgeous. Seriously.

    And thank you so much for the link up :)

  18. I love the recap! Your pictures are amazing!! and what a new and exciting year of your newly married life!! Congrats!!!!


  19. GREAT memories. What a beautiful year you had!!

  20. i love this pictorial looksy into your 2011!! looks like 2012 is going to have to do a lot to top it;-) wonderful blog you have! happy new year!

  21. Loved your post and absolutely adore your photos! Looking forward to following and reading more of your adventures.


  22. Looks like a AMAZING year! I love the engagement photo is beautiful! And a black diamond on your second time skiing? Good job! I'm not into them at all, NO! Haha :D

    Have a wonderful day! //Niina

  23. oh man, you and your husband are so cute. looks like an amazing year!! i love wedding pictures and all that jazz. i can't wait to follow you throughout 2012! Happy New Year.

  24. Wow I'm so in love with your engagement photoshoot!!!!! So romantic and so vintage. How fun!

    - Sarah

  25. oh my gosh your pictures are SO cute! I especially love your wedding pics and the one in front of your Christmas tree kissing! adorable. love the blog :) what part of Iowa do you live in?

  26. holy canoly you've got one romantic husband there. The place where you got engaged looks like a scene from a great chick flick/love story. Kudos to him!

    And, you are so adorably pretty.


  27. I loved reading you and your husbands story! I love ya'lls engagement shoot. It was a big year for you.

    P.S. Your first house is the cutest.


  28. just found your blog today and i love it!! what a sweet photo of when your honey proposed to you and then i love your wedding photos. just gorgeous!

  29. oh my gosh your engagement and wedding photos are just the sweetest and sooooo gorgeous! and where you got engaged.. wow :)

    ugh.. ick for totaling the car, but it looks like a pretty fantaaaaatastic year none the less!

  30. love, love, love, love, love! What an incredible year.

    And the picture of you two with Max, the one with the sparlers and oooh, the chandelier at your wedding. All awesome.

    p.s. you have pretty rad hair too!

  31. Your year looks similar to mine! (married in May) Yay for newlyweddedness! I'm from the Ozarks so cool to see you honeymooned there.
    Here's to our first full year of marriage!

  32. All of the pictures of you & hubs are PRECIOUS.
    I seriously love all of them!