The Art of Cozy

If you were to randomly drop by our house one weekday night,
you would quickly find out that I am no
Martha Stewart.

There will probably be dishes in the sink.
The bed will most likely be unmade.
And there won't be a lot of decorations to make it feel like you stepped into a magazine.

Remember how our bedroom looked when we first moved in?!
Bumpy paneling painted that generic sand brown
A half torn off 'Rock Band' sticker on the wall
No closet door
Dressers thrown on one wall
The bed against another.

My philosophy was this.
Since painting requires stripping the room to bare bones,
why hang pictures and take all that energy to make decorate
when it's just going to change?

Fast forward six months.
Nothing has changed.
Zip. Zero. Nada.

Last week I had an epiphany. . . .

Wait.  What was that epiphany. . .
Whatever.  I guess it was cooler in my brain.

I basically realized that I could be creative with what I have
and make our home cozy.
With what I have right.this.second.

So one afternoon
I huffed that furniture around the room.
Pounded in a few nails.
Gathered a few choice items from around the house.

And voila.
I present to you 
La Bedroom de Cozy
{insert sparkly soundtrack from Extreme Home Makeover}

I realized that placement of furniture is key.
I realized that I already had lots of cool pieces from other places
 in the house that really made the room perfect.
I realized that practicing the art of cozy makes it just that.

I didn't want to leave our room.
It felt like a brand new space.

So while I can't wait to take the paneling off 
paint this room awesome
and maybe buy some real side tables,
It is possible to
create lovely spaces with a fairly non-existant
decorating budget.

Now, I wanna hear
 all your best decorating secrets.
Or tell me your coziest, favorite room in your house.

- - - 

The 'Rock Band' sticker is still on the wall
True story.


  1. The rearrangement really did make it cozy! Good job!

  2. Thank YOU for leaving a comment on Veggie Table mostly because it lead me to your awesome blog! Just getting started but can't wait to read more!
    P.S. - let me know if you try out the veg pot pie recipe! :)

  3. Great work!!! I sooOoo said the same thing, and then...seven months later we're still waiting to adorn our nekked walls...HA! Way to be motivated, it was way worth your time :)

  4. eh, why not a rock band sticker? you've probably got a little rock in you somewhere =)

  5. Great re-working of the space :) And I love the old charm...My new husband and I are dealing with the same plain brown painted paneling in our first little home, but hey, gotta work with what you have :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the white furniture, so cute and whimsy! Im sure it's one of a kind and I won't find the exact one. But it really is so cute! Love your ideas! Good luck with the space!

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  7. i love! i love!

    hey girl, i tagged you in a fun questionnaire thingy on my blog...hope you can participate. :) hope you have an amazing weekend!


  8. The rearranging did wonders for your room! It looks awesome!

  9. Wow; I am SO proud of you! Workin' with whatcha got--and look how impressive those results are!

  10. My main thrill in life is rearranging my bedroom! It feels like a new place afterwards! :-)

  11. I love the new cozy makeover. That chair is adorable. Even better: You didn't spend a penny. xoxo

  12. Great little makeover! And the dressers are so cute, I love how they're all antique-ish looking!

  13. You've really livened up the room. It's so true, you can do so much with what you have. I rearranged our lounge and bedroom today. Was considering spending $200 on new bed linen but found my traditional Timorese cloth (actual purpose: table runner) changed the look of my room if I just laid it across the bed!

    I love your dresser! I collect old door knobs and general knobs in the hopes of one day have pieces of furniture like that to do up!

  14. wow! if looks so cozy and „I’m at home“!
    well done!

    Love Vienna Wedekind

  15. you did a really good job :) and i love your furniture! //dariadaria

  16. I love what you did with everything! It is very cozy for sure! It actually reminds me a lot of our home!

  17. uber cool, love the pics!!
    Thanks for sharing,

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  18. Thanks for the inspiration! Our bedroom still doesn't have any pictures after six months either. I still don't have any ideas, but maybe they'll come since I know that *you* could do it just gathering up stuff from around the house.

  19. I adore what you did, store bought is usually boring. Old pieces, character, charm... so much more inviting! I wouldn't change a thing! :)

  20. love the vintage digs! so cute!