I realized about a week ago that I am getting a travel bug that has 
weaseled it's way from my head all the way down to
my toes and fingertips.

Maybe it's the fact that a year ago I was traveling around about two weeks out of the month.
Maybe it's the fact that I love adventures and haven't had one since our ski trip in December.
Maybe it's just that I'm a bit lazy and get tired of having four straight weeks of work.

{fish and chips in fisherman's bay, australia}

{nelson bay, australia beach}

Gosh.  Writing that makes me realize my maturity level is about a two.
What other twenty-five-year-old has such a short attention span?

As I drove my huge bus across the snowy roads this morning
this verse popped into my head
'but godliness with contentment is great gain'

Of course this doesn't mean that traveling or stuff or adventures or experiences are wrong.
Or that we are the holiest when we sit at home, quietly meditating on Scriptures.
For me it means that wherever I am in life
I am making the most of it.
Simply being to the fullest and best capacity I can.

Maybe it's also a good reminder for me to create memories.
So create experiences.
Adventures. . . 

{niagara falls, canada}

I guess this means I'm off to plan some adventure for the Hubs and I.
Maybe a winter camping trip?
Picnic on the center of a frozen lake?!
Or maybe just working harder at saving pennies for a road trip to visit my friend in Tennessee?!

{nassau, bahamas}

Happy trails, lovelies. . . 


  1. i was just talking to my mama about getting bitten by the travel bug. and she reminded me to be happy for all my memories and grateful for the life i lead. so until my next adventure, i'll be mighty grateful.

  2. sometimes the simplest little adventures are the best memories, it's all in our mindset, so great that you're choosing to have adventures where you are! I LOLed when you said we're not holiest when we're sitting at home meditating on scriptures - I got a funny little picture in my head of you piously doing that =) thank goodness that's not the only thing we need to do in life!

  3. I also get the travel bug from time to time, since I was so used to being able to travel internationally pretty often. But, you're right (as always) it's sooo important to remember to be happy where you are during each day and each moment, because it is exactly where god intended you to be :)


  4. Enjoy your close-to-home adventures :) We love to pretend we are on vacation in our own backyard!

  5. oh that dang travel bug can be slow to approach but when it finally arrives it arrives in full-force! traveling can definitely change things up, and make things less dull and boring like 4 straight weeks of work! so find a trip and conquer it lady, conquer it

  6. Because i've just moved to America I want to travel like everywhere and see things but I forgets you need money to do that!

  7. I so badly want to travel again but right now we're kinda grounded with the almost 1 year old and all. love the photos!

  8. Ohhh!! I absolutely LOVE travelling!! I've been having the travel bug for a while, but I hardly have any vacation time built up...so that easily squashes the bug. Fingers crossed for the end of summer though!!! =)

  9. I have a travel bug too! I love that you go on mission trips! I want to go on a mission trip! And I hope it will happen soon for the hubby and I!

    This post is beautiful! So true! It is about simply being and being happy and creating memories every where!

  10. I know what you mean - there are so many places I want to visit!! This reminder to be content was a good thing to help start my day, thank you!

  11. I know exactly what you mean. When we got back from Timor Leste, I was so exhausted. We spent most of 2011 traveling and moving. It gets tiring. So I said, no more moving around for a bit...we already have three trips planned over the next four months! Must have been bitten by the travel bug...again! I'm excited to see where 2012 takes you :)

  12. I think we would all like to travel, but it's like you said, we have to make the most of where we are in life.

    I hope you can plan a nice little adventure with the hubs. :)

  13. Oh my gosh, Nicole! I love your blog. It is so refreshing.
    Thanks so much for the comment. I'd love for us to remain blogger friends!


  14. I think LOTS of us can relate. Even us old 27-year-olds!

    Loves my cute friend! Enjoy your beautiful life!!

  15. Love your blog! That last pic of you two is ADORABLE.