Dear . . .

Dear Weekend.
You stole away too quickly.
How dare you do that.
Don't you know that Hubs and I love hanging out?!
Please conjure me up three day weekend soon. . .
Or else.

Dear Dinner.
Please cook yourself.

Dear Thrift Store.
Thanks for being oh so good to me.
I mean, where else will I find a pair of Express pants, Gap pants
and Gap jeans for just $6?!
You rock.

Dear Adorable Baby Niece.
Please hurry up and come out.
Your auntie is dying to meet you.
I promise we'll do all kinds of fun things.
I'll teach you to climb a tree
and become addicted to chocolate.
You just have to have your birth day first.
I love you.

Dear Falbo Brothers Pizza.
You have bewitched me.
Body, stomach and soul.
I could eat you every day until I die
and not even care.

Dear Three Little Sisters.
I loved our rockin' dance party last night.
Thanks for telling me that I don't know how to shake my butt.
Maybe you could teach me next time?

Dear Valentines Day.
Please hurry up and get here.
I have so many grand ideas for your party
that I could barely sleep last night.

Dear Bloggy Friends.
You guys rock.

Dear Husband.
I'm sad the weekend is over.
Thanks for being so patient while I went into a million stores.
Thanks for being so fun to hang out with.
Thanks for being the dang best cuddler in the whole wide world universe.
You are my best friend
and I can't wait to see you tonight.

PS.  Thank you for doing dishes last night.  You rock.


  1. This weekend did seem to zoom by, and there really is something special about great thrift store finds...I mean, $6?? awesome. Happy Monday!

  2. This weekend did go by SO fast, and I don't even know why because we didn't really do anything!

    Three pairs of brand name jeans for $6? Please take me shopping with you :)


  3. I want the weekend back, too :(

    But here's to a terrific week!

  4. You have some impressive thifty shops for jeans at that price!

  5. Love this post. :) And seriously, what thrift store do you go to?! I'm JELLY!

  6. this is too cute! love all the 'dear _____' ! you should do a little link up for this :D
    or maybe you already do! and that'd be awesome!

  7. cute!


  8. I love your "Dear Falbo Brothers Pizza"... so funny!

  9. Ahh, a niece. I only have the two (niece and nephew), which - sadly - moved when they were still very young. (Niece had barely turned 3 and her brother just started Kindergarten. Scouts honor, my mother and I cried over it every single night for years). Before they moved we were so inseparable and saw each other pretty much every day. I've never since felt such a strong bond. Being an aunt truly is the most WONDERFUL, the most BEAUTIFUL, the most FUN experience in the entire world. You don't get the pressures of parenthood, but you do get all the fun. I really miss when they were young. They do grow up so fast. Words cannot express how much fun you're going to have with that baby. I'm jealous of you right now. Jealous, I tell ya! Lol!


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) sounds like you had a great weekend! Ooh... And I Love your purse!

  11. this weekend definitely went by way too quickly....!

  12. Agree! And time just keeps flying by..

  13. You're right. There are road trips. We've taken LOTS of those. That distance should be okay though. As much as you'll fall in love at first sight with that little gal, that separation would have been harder if during her first few years of life you saw her every single day and then out of the blue that can't happen anymore. I forgot to mention that another great thing is spoiling them. Lol! Not just the toys, but buying pretty baby clothes. And girls are waaay more fun when it comes to clothes shopping. With the boys, it just isn't the same. I can still remember my niece's dress from when she was brought home from the hospital,and then her first Christmas. Lol!

    I'll stop rambling now. :p Congrats on the little niece!

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  15. Ahahaha thanks for the comment! "Mad skills, yo " ahahaha

  16. Dear Bloggy Friend: YOU rock! Thanks so much for brightening my day with your sweet posts. And I totally agree we need longer weekends!

  17. Amen - where did the weekend go?? Coome back! Thrift stores really are the best. I love your style - you have the cutest outfits.


  18. This is beautiful... Again!
    You rock!

  19. Dear dinner - loved it! I wish dinner would cook itself too, especially whilst I'm trying to be so productive with work! Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun and surrounded by lots of love, I hope the rest of your week is just as wonderful.

  20. Dear Nicole
    I love your blog.
    it's on my top favorites now
    your pictures...ooper fun
    your writing style..makes me laugh
    and be jealous...all at once
    happy tuesday

  21. So sweet! And I love that he did the dishes. You guys are adorable.

  22. :) Such a lovely post. Your husband sounds really sweet, and you two make an adorable couple! Pretty look on you there, aswell. :)

    - Indie by Heart

  23. When I get married, if I get married, I hope that my relationship is as happy and lovely as yours. In fact, you are giving me a standard to meet- if my relationship is not as good as yours, then I simply will not marry! :-P Love this post. :) I did a similar one: http://escapetovanilla.blogspot.com/2012/01/dear-friday.html