Friday Files {edition fifteen}

::  This week I sorted through heaps of old photos from the 2010 summer camps in China.  I was reminded how awesome I look in a ponytail and tee shirts with marker all over my arm from the kids.  Then I kinda missed it all in a deep corner of my heart.

:: Literally my brain feels like fried mush today.  Take for example a text I got from a friend.  It reads:  Yep, we did!  I'm like.  Did what?  Thank God for saved messages in the outbox.

:: I know I should be eternally grateful to seester for letting us use her car while she lives in Mexico.  Are my constant moans a sign of ungratefulness when the dashboard when it's constantly lit up like a Christmas tree?!
Huh, what are the odds.  It wants oil for the third time this month.  Oh yeah.  Low coolant too.  What?!  Service engine soon?!

::  Sometimes I worry that people take these Friday Files posts as a 'proper' way to complain about life. . .

:: Thank you to every single on of you lovelies, who have become my friends through this blog.  I always wish I could answer back every single comment.  There are some days I know that there are other things that have to take priority first. . .  can we still be friends?!

:: On nights before the days I get up at 5:30 to drive school bus, I get turn into supercrankygrouchlady if I can't get in bed before 11:00.  Sorry Hubs.  And bro.  And fellow people in the board meeting.  It's really not you.

::  To the friend whose save-the-date card I kinda screwed up.  I hope you don't hate me forever.  You are the best. xo

::  So remember my amazing goall of reading two books this month. . . shocking, I know.  Does it count if they were both dumb fiction books?!  My resolve to is pick up some real life books next.

::  Somedays I get very discouraged that I can't fix all the broken, hurting children in the world.  I realize how tiny I am.   And how thankful I am that God is so much bigger.


  1. I know what you mean about getting up early after getting to bed too late. I get up at 5 every morning to milk and people call me crazy for going to bed before 10.
    Thank God that He's in control of everything! :)

  2. I look at old China pics sometimes... and my heart always kinda hurts a little that I'm not there. Of course I love where I am, but you know...

  3. I'm so not a morning person! The problem is that since I'm not a morning person, I have to get to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour, so I can't fully be a night owl either. :)

  4. Stay lovely, hun...that's all I have to say. Janita xo

  5. ANY book you read counts. Who cares what it is?! :) LOVE YOUR FRIDAY FILES! Keep 'em coming my friend!


  6. Love your pics from China! I've never been, so it's really cool to see how you experienced the country! These are great pics!

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  7. What wonderful memories. Dumb fiction books totally count. If not then I hardly read at all haha.

  8. I brain almost always feels like mush by Friday. Thanks goodness for the weekend!

    P.S. Do you want to be on the official member list at Young, Married Life?

  9. My brain was pretty mushy for most of the week, thank goodness it's the weekend! I hope you have a great one :)

  10. I love these pictures :) For about 6 years my church and I went to the same little town in Mexico for mission trips. I have pictures of those trips up in my room, and it sometimes makes my heart ache with how much I miss them! How wonderful it is that we have a God who loves and cares for these people even more than us! And He has ways of working in their lives that we can't even comprehend! Definitely eases that ache :)
    Thanks for sharing :)