Friday Files {edition sixteen}

:: I plan on consuming a large amount of tacos while I'm in Mexico with Tiff.  No matter what it does to my stomach or waist.

:: Our superscools clawfoot tub is a land mine of shampoo bottles, body soap and razors.  What's a girl to do when there is zipzeronada storage spots in the tub?!  Anywayza.  Consider yourself warned if you ever happen to be showering at our house.  We do not cover medical expenses from twisted ankles.

:: You know how they say you cannot change the person you marry?  Sure.  Easy to know that in your head.  A completely different story when you are learning to work together with two very different ways of doing things.  News flash!  This was how we spent most of our day on Tuesday.

:: When it's twenty degrees outside, it's hard to work out {e.i. run}  When you are not working out, it's hard to eat healthy.  Hello yummy cookies that melt in your mouth.

:: Several weeks ago I found a pile of thank you cards written and addressed from random wedding gifts people sent us.  Umm.  Hello.  Adam and Nicole here.  Remember us?  We got married 57 months ago.  Thanks for that gift.  PS.  Don't mind the crinkled edges on the envelope.  It just sat in a basket for six months.

::  Random bit of advice for the masses.  Why set your trash out on the curb every week when you can let it build up for several weeks and only exert a fraction of all that energy.  Geniuses, I tell ya.

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  1. i am right there with you eating cookies and NOT working out... and drinking hot tea and pumpkin lattes and hot chocolate. and all other things unhealthy. have a great little trip!


  2. Happy taco eating, icy run lungs (how can you do that, that's amazing to me) and trash hoarding ;)

    OK and please don't feel lame about getting your thank you cards out late...I just found a page of our "cards to write" list that we'd missed, and we got married a month before you (I think..) so really lady... At LEAST the ones you found were WRITTEN, heh..heh..hm

  3. Tacos, yum!! I'm the same way...if I'm don't work out, it's so much harder to keep my eating on track.

  4. Hahaha! I recently found a bunch of wedding thank you's that were never sent also. uh... not sending them now, but I feel bad!

  5. Confession: I actually moved my cursor over your "yummy cookies that melt in your mouth" hoping that it would have the link to a recipe :)

    1. http://www.lovintheoven.com/2009/10/my-favorite-chocolate-chip-cookies.html

  6. Hope you're having fun in Mexico with your sister. There really is no other relationship that can replace that one. I also hope you are gorging yourself on yummy tacos. Wonderful! Spring will come soon and so will the motivation to work out. I hear ya. My hubby and I were talking last night about how our 5 year anniversary is coming up and how we know each other so well that getting along is almost effortless because it has become second nature. It will come. :)

  7. Tacos are great morning noon and night :)