A Girls Chat

Hey Lovelies.
Remember this post where we pretended like it was just you and me 
sitting on the couch, chatting about our lives?
It's time to do it again.
So I'm gonna grab a plate of the gooiest, tastiest cinnamon rolls I recently made
and we'll chat it up, kay?!

I probably would start by telling you I'm so glad winter finally arrived  
Or rather as my sister put it, snow finally came to join winter
It's fun to watch Hubs' excitement over all the powdery white

I should probably also mention that I hate driving bus in the dead of winter
Imagine with me. . .
It's dark and cold.  Six in the morning usually is in January
I grab my keys.  Walk across the frozen bus lot
Climb into the frozen ice box and start it up
The next ten minutes consist of pre-tripping 
and scraping off the massive six foot windshield
Let's just say cold and crabby are the words for me

I would be so excited to tell you that today we put $180 towards our credit card debt
Literally I feel like I could run a marathon.  So so excited
It's like a tiny little step towards becoming free of it all

Then I would probably be sure you know that I never
want to be that complaining person when it comes to money
Somehow I hope to balance optimism
and reality.
Life is hard.
God is good.

Then I would probably ask if you remember my words for 2012
Surprisingly, I have been unbelievably encouraged by many people
Encouraging emails from you guys
Sweet comments, tweets, and posts
Then this beautiful, handwritten letter from a dear friend
I am humbled and blessed
And inspired to keep encouraging people
How much it does for one's spirit, we may never know

On an excited note, I would might just give you a sneak peek at
probably the biggest adventure I am embarking on this year.
An Etsy toy shop called Lottie Loves
Then again I may keep it a secret . . . 
until the soon coming premiere 
happening right here.

I would also probably share how 
I am for this year.
I have so many dreams and it's fun to watch some of them start to grow 
little by little.

On the subject of dreams
I would probably share how Hubs and I have been offered 
an opportunity at our church to
help with highschool ministry
We are so excited and a bit scared
But really really thrilled that God would drop such an awesome 
opportunity to get involved with the lives of teenagers.
The chance to do ministry together
investing in people's lives
encouraging them
is pretty awesome. 

Then I would probably drag you by the hand around my house to show 
you the super awesome thrift finds of the week.
Like another antique chair, some vintage patterns and old string
I have some pretty awesome projects up my sleeve.
Best part of this stuff?!
Two dollars and eighty-four cents.
Oh yeah.  I also can't forget about these beautiful white plates
Sixty cents for the whole lot, yo.
The thrifting goddess has been smiling down on me lately.

Then I would probably wrap up the conversation with some random thoughts
Like how excited I am to redo this two dollar chair.
And how I've been so proud of myself for keeping up with my goals for January.
And how much I am adoring becoming a reader again.
And then of course how much I miss my sister best friend and cannot wait
for her to come home in just about four months.
And how much I love Husband for loving me so unconditionally.
And I would be sure to let you know how thankful I am for 
You have made this blogging adventure so much more fun.
Thank you for that.

Mmkay.  Thanks for listening to this cumbubbling of thoughts.
What would you share?!
I sure hope you'll stick around and do this again soon.

Enjoy your special love people this weekend


  1. I love finding good/cheap furniture finds!! I found almost all the furniture in my apartment on curbs and loved redoing them - it's so much fun!

    Good for you for keeping your January goals! Setting short term goals are so much more attainable than yearly!! Keep it up!!

    {oh..and I was really enjoying how spoiled we were in the midwest this winter, this snow hopefully won't last too long.} =)

  2. I just love you. This is so cute, and honest!

  3. Wow, those plates are pretty! (and for so cheap, gasp!) I totally feel you on the 6 am bus driver thing - except I've never had to scrape the windshield, I can't even imagine. I hope you have some warm, thick pre-tripping gloves! :)

  4. I love this post. I feel like we are best friends now! Thank you so much for letting us peak into your life.

    PS. THOSE PLATES! Such a steal. Good work!

  5. I love the idea behind this post. A girls catch up, especially on a cold day - dreamy. I can't wait to see what you do with that chair. I guess I'd share how excited I am to be having a large group of friends over tomorrow night. My husband coming back tonight from a weekend trip. And all the rearranging I've been doing at home <3

  6. Nicole - Come to my house. We'll drink cocoa and chat for real. Seriously. Anytime.

  7. I love this post! You're so honest and open about everything. Not to mention your pictures are so stinkin' adorable! Oh and you have inspired me to want to go thrift shopping... 60 cents for plates? Unheard of!

  8. I would share that I really need to start going to bed earlier!!! LOL!

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  10. I love these posts - we're almost there with you! I'd say, we just paid down a big chunk of our credit card too and it feels Ahhhhmazing. Then I'd say, "let's go thrifting sometime" and we'd set a date.

  11. these plates are incredibly beautiful! i cant believe how cheap they were. wow. //dariadaria

  12. You're adorable! I loved this post...you're making the most out of everything and that's what it's all about, right? So glad you stopped by my blog and we've connected...how did you find it, by the way? I'm always interested in the story behind the story. See my post from today that shares a snippet of my weekend. It's been trying, but fulfilling nonetheless. Have a beautiful Sunday! Janita

  13. Oh my gosh how adorable is your mirror with the beads as wreaths ! Im so happy you shared your ideas !!

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  14. Love this post :) I would probably talk to you about how I'm really loving being a newlywed and how much mine and my husband's relationship has grown, even though we've only been married one month as of tomorrow :) It's wonderful...not perfect, but amazing. I would also share about how I miss my family but love being off on our own. We moved out of state the day after Christmas because of my husband's awesome job offer (we both graduated college Dec. 16, the day before our wedding). Although we miss them, it's been really nice starting a home of our own, just us two. I would also talk about how excited we are about how God has led us to an awesomely sincere and God-loving church after only three weeks of church hunting. Isn't it awesome when you know God is speaking to you? Love it. SO much. It's also getting cold here, which I don't love. And my job search (English degree) isn't really booming, but I know God has plans for where he wants me. I actually had time to read this weekend, which I can't tell you how excited it made me. Being an English major, it's been a long time since I've been able to choose what I wanted to read and actually have time to read it, so it was glorious reuniting with reading for fun. Anyways, great chat :) and I hope you have a great week!

  15. I got to do my first married thrifting today! :) I actually had fun...working on that whole 'nothing on the walls' thing.
    Let us see what you do to the chair! I wanna see it!