Goals I Can Get

The bloggy world has seriously exploded this past week with New Year 
resolutions, goals, words and thoughts out the bahoozle, no?!

If all of us kept up with these goals for three months minimum 
we would seriously see a wave of people 
become thinner, smarter, kinder and creativer.
Ok.  Not a word.  I obviously am wont willnt will not be in the smarter group.

So in an effort to combat my strongest procrastinating streak known to man
I am going to do a monthly series of goals 
followed up by an accomplishments.
Conveniently it shall coincide with my 101 in 1001 
{here and updated here}

Here are the goals for January:

: Run at least twice a week {keeping it attainable, yo}

: Complete chapter one in chinese book two

: Reach 300 followers 
{help spread the love, wontchya?! grab a button on the side}

:  Write one handwritten letter to someone who has impacted my life

: Read two books

: Send a package to my bestie in Mexico

- - - 

Small check lists are always better, no?!
I am prepared to kick some butt on this and actually do my 101 in 1001. . . 
What are your top goals for the month?


You are just saw the photos from our super awesome New Year's party.
My dear friend, Maria and I made seven new chinese recipes and
we feasted like we were smack in the middle of China.
Seriously so supersdupers delish.

After kissing in the new year
we rocked out on guitar hero. . . 
or something vaguely resembling that.
Oh well.  Better luck next time.


  1. Small, attainable goals are the way to go! I have some bigger ones; I'm trying to keep smaller ones weekly. Happy 2012!


  2. P.S. Totally just grabbed your button =) Summer meet up sounds amazing! I will be looking forward to this!

  3. These are great! good luck to you and happy new year!

  4. great goals! thinking about it monthly is a great way to do it! :)

  5. i love your goals! very attainable. most of the time mine are totally unrealistic and then i just quit! haha. xo

  6. My tummy is growling looking at that last picture. Now I have to go and get Chinese tonight or I might go crazy.

    Just looked through your recent posts and I am a new follower :) Happy New Year!

  7. I like this idea of attainable goals! Every year I make crazy unrealistic goals so maybe this year I'll try a short list like yours. Thanks!

  8. Those are great resolutions! Good luck!

  9. I like your goals - I'm all for simple and attainable! I also think it's nice that you're doing them on a monthly basis so that they're easier to keep track of.

    That chinese food looks delish!


  10. Those are some great goals! I haven't made any yet...oops :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Love the monthly idea. You can do it! I believe in you :)

  12. ah very clever idea doing the month by month. I always forget my resolutions by about March I feel, this way you can stick with it. Good luck :) you can do it!

  13. I love the idea of monthly series of goals.
    And I love your January goals even more!

  14. running 2 days a week sounds great. i need to do that.. i mean.. 2 days is way better than 0 days right?! and 0 is where i'm at right now! whenever i do start working out i go crazy.. like 14 days in a row of intense workouts and then i hate it and stop.. so working into a workout routine is probably a way smarter way to go :)

    thaaank you for the compliment on my airplane ring :) I just posted them in my etsy shop!

  15. ahhhh great resloutions!!! I have a friend who is currently in Colombia...thanks to you I now am inspired to send her a package :)

  16. yay! so excited about your list...you can do it!! ;) hope your having an amazing week!


  17. Thanks for coming by my blog! I'm so glad I could inspire you, that means a great deal to me! Good luck with your goals, you can do it girl =]

  18. wow YUMMY food! good luck with your resolutions! And I'd be happy to button swap with you! want to?! :D

  19. What a great idea to make monthly goals instead of just yearly ones... why didn't I think about that?! I'm going to get writing a list straight away! x

  20. month by month is a mucho good ideario!
    (who needs real words!?!)