Never Stop

Do you remember how easy is was to be sappy and romantic and gushy 
about how out.of.this.world.incrEdible your boyfriend was when you were dating?
{maybe this was just me?!}

A thousand lovey posts on facebook.
Endless blog posts about how UH.MaZ.ing he is.
Gushing to friends about sweet stuff he does.
You've seen it before. . . 

It's funny thing that marriage does to you.
In this time when you actually are more committed to each other then before
More intertwined in each other's daily lives
More in love then those silly days of early dating
Yet somehow it's as though our eyes become dim to the true gift we live with everyday.

So here's my attempt to not loose that fresh, young love
for my boy. . . my best friend.
These are the things I'm loving about Husband right now.

:: I love the little back rubs he gives me in the dark early morning hours. . .
just because he felt like it may help me sleep better after all that tossing.

:: I love when he texts me while at a meeting with a friend and asks me to pick him up. . . 
just because he misses me.

:: I love our late night snacks and ridiculous conversations over nothing.

:: I love how he prays for me when I'm stressed. . . 
and when we are cuddling off to sleep at night.

:: I love the way he is so proud of all my little projects . . .
and then brags about it to his friends
{not sure the guys care about chalkboard calendars, babes, but thanks}

:: I love when he reads his Bible and prays. . . 
keeping his personal relationship with God strong.

:: I love that he supports my dreams and goals in life.

:: I love that he is proud of my work on this little blog. . . 
and takes me out to celebrate however I want when I reach 100 new followers
{thanks guys, this means I get more of my favoritest pizza ever}

:: I love that the last seven and a half months have been the best of my life. . .
and that we get to spend the rest of our lives just like it.

- - - 

If you could share about your favorite boy,
what would you gush about today?!

Happy Thursday, Lovelies.
I'm achingly happy that the weekend starts in 27 hours!


  1. I would gush about... the way he doesn't want to wake me up when he comes in from work at 1:00 in the morning. Because I "look so peaceful sleeping". ... listening to the Bible as we travel in the car... the way he made breakfast for me last Sunday morning because it takes me longer to get ready for church... the way he holds me while I'm having a "meltdown"...his interest in politics and world affairs... and lots more than this!

  2. Since I can gush about my favorite boy...and still have to pinch myself sometimes because this is MY LIFE!... (grin)

    I love the way he reaches for my hand as we're driving in the car...or walking to or from somewhere. I love the way he randomly texts me, just to say he loves me! I love hearing him pray for me and our precious baby girl (who is due in April). I love the way he plays with my hair and the time we have to snuggle...I love hearing him laugh...I love hearing him play guitar and sing praises to our Heavenly Father (or love songs to me!)...

    25 months and crazier than ever about my man!

  3. My boyfriend REALLY listens to me. He hears everything I have to say. He does little meaningless nothings that mean everything to me.

  4. Awwww!! I love posts about the men in our lives! SO SWEET! Hmmm... If I could gush today, I would talk about how mr. handsome always looks for me when we are in a group of people...he doesn't like when i leave his side... or how he listens to the Bible on audio ALL DAY LONG at work.... or how he sings me sweet love songs he's written...or when he leads praise & worship for our church.... or when he gets SO PROUD of everything i do - seriously... he could be considered a BOOSTER for me! ;) i could go on & on & on about my man! He is soooooo wonderful. :)

  5. I'm totally going to write a post just like this about my hubby!

  6. i want a husband like that in the future (:


  7. Aww you guys are like the cutest couple ever!

    This is going to come across really weird, but my absolute favorite thing that Jurgen does for me is dye my hair ha! I think it's so so sweet... maybe because my mom used to actually despise having to do it!


  8. Such a sweet post!

    Can't wait to be married to my fiance'. Just 30 more days... :)

  9. So sweet!

    I just did a slightly similar post in honor of my loves birthday...i love when he holds my hand as i'm falling asleep and when he finds my hand to hold in the middle of the night


  10. Oh, soo sweet! And so true and important to not forget to gush. I would gush about how this morning I called him on the way to work teary about worries I have and he said it would be okay and within an hour I had an email addressing all my worries and how we were going to solve them. He listens to me and takes care of me. Great post!

  11. This is so sweet. Patrick (my hubs) and I were talking about similar things earlier this week, from dating to marriage. What changes, what stays the same, what gets better, what doesn't...It's great being able to reflect on these things and work on making your marriage even better then it already is. If I had to gush about something it would be from the other night at dinner. A friend was asking around the table if we could have a super power what would it be. Patrick said, mine would be able to change clothes into a size 00 because Vanisha has the worst time finding things that she likes and that fit her! Aww <3

  12. these are the cutest photos ever!! too adorable :) sometimes men are just enchanting <3
    thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment :)

  13. This is so sweet. I'd hope someday my marriage will be as strong and lovely as yours!
    And PS- you're welcome for the next pizza you get :)

  14. This is adorable. I love this and I hope my boyfriend and I have this someday. One of the best things about him, although frustrating at times, is that whenever I'm freaking out about something and I mean ANYTHING, he finds a way to rationalize it and give me a different perspective. I can't wait to be with him forever.


  15. LOVE this post. Thanks for your sweet comment about my mom. Pictures really do mean the world. This is the type of post that mean the most. It really does make you think.

  16. Love this post! Marriage is definitely a deeper kind of love — and that's a beautiful thing!

  17. I may not be married, or even in a serious relationship yet {but} I am enjoying all the little things with the guy I just started dating. It's funny how wonderful holding his hand is or sharing secrets during a movie can be, but I love it. I'm so appreciative of how natural I feel around him - no need to worry or analyze every little thing.

    Thanks for sharing all your love story so freely - and allowing us all to see what God's true love can due for our hearts.

  18. Seriously, love this post. You have inspired me to gush about how great my hubbs is as well.
    They are God's perfect gift to us and we should take the time to celebrate it every once in a while. :)


  19. This is such a lovely post. I pray for a marriage like this someday! That first picture is my very favorite!!

  20. Oh you guys are the most lovely couple. When you meet the 'one' you just know it. Its the whole deal when you are just happy to spend the mundane normal times together as well as the exciting ones- thats what makes life so special together. I know how you feel too. Have a lovely weekend, Jo x

  21. I love that Mr. Wonderful is so patient with me, even when I feel like an absolutely lousy wife. He helps my non-talkative self talk through the ick and figure out what the problem really is, and how to fix it, without making me feel horrid. He cares for my heart. <3

  22. I love this Nicole! I gotta do one for Len on my blog - such a good idea! :)

  23. LOVE this post! It puts a smile on my face, reminding me of my own incredible man. I am so glad you are determined to keep that feeling of newly wedding bliss alive forever. I love the way my hubby winks at me and holds my hand when we're driving in the car.