Sometimes. . .

It is too easy to get sucked into a computer-screen-shaped life.

All those dang cute blogs 
the photos on Facebook of people I barely know 
tweeted photos of celebrity bloggers who I'll probably never meet
one thousand and one inspirational ideas on Pinterest
on and on and on it goes.

While I never plan to throw my computer away and 
don my prairie dress for a simpler lifestyle,
I must constantly remind myself that 
living my very own real life 
is four hundred and one thousand seventy-six times better 
than anything I could look at on a screen.

Our real life weekend was spent with each other

cuddling in our bed watching a movie and eating pizza straight outta the box

rushing to church and being uber blessed

Panera lunch with friends

then a rockin' awesome photoshoot

a few tears on my part because of the major girl emotions of the month
then the awesome cuddles and consolation from Hubs
{he says I snuggle in like a puppy dog. . . sweet patient boy}

finding a new favorite worship song

reading Little House in the Big Woods to Hubs
{because what life is complete with out Laura Ingalls Wilder and Pa?!}

- - - 

How did you spend your weekend?!
Happy happy Monday, lovelies


  1. Such a sucker for all Little House on The Prairie!!!

    I was sitting the other night and I thought to myself...

    "I sure hope my kids never grow up and say, 'my mom loved her computer more than me'."

    I'm on a mission to limit myself.


  2. I LOVE OLLDD SHOWSS!!!(: <33 MORE than this new stuff ;P
    and i adooree that picture ^ :)

  3. amen to the pretty on screeen life. Real life is so much better and sometimes isn't lived to it's fullest because of so much media! But sounds like a lovely real life weekend you had :)
    Lovely Little Rants

  4. okay, first, you should read this: http://aurajoon.blogspot.com/2011/09/jump-ship.html

    it's about her quitting her blog, but it's still an amazing post!

    let me tell you from experience - "simplifying" the outside influences in my life has made the last several months immensely happier and more relaxed. once i didn't have facebook, i realized what information overload it was. i got busy and didn't watch any tv, and realized how nice it really was.

    just sayin, try it! you might enjoy it after all!

  5. oh oh and i just clicked your link to the song! i LOVE that song! just discovered it recently, we sang it at church. :) love discovering new music.

  6. I agree completely that it is so easy to get sucked in to the internet. I schedule time for the internet rather than letting it rule my life. I'm glad you had a great weekend. Follow me at theutahdoots.blogspot.com.

  7. OMG! I love this pic of you guys...too cute!
    Sounds like a pretty nice weekend, mine was spent organizing and redoing cabinets.

  8. Awesome awesome sentiment. I agree 100%. I'm not too hot at keeping up with fb stalking and celeb info because I'd much rather cook dinner with Stephen and drinks with the girls.

  9. I agree competely. While it's fun to be inspired by people's lives, it's important to be thankful for YOUR life instead of being envious of others. It's easy to get caught up.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  10. Agreed! I gave myself a 'no computer Saturday'. It was my favorite day thus far in 2012. I'll have to take them more often!

  11. i can totally relate. i get caught up in thinking "oh they have such a cool life", when really I'M the one with the cool life God has blessed me with! (:
    i love ya girl. thanks for the comment on my Disney post today. <3


  12. I definitely have to remind myself to live in the present, and in the real world, even though the blogging community can be encouraging!

  13. so true so true! I spent the weekend enjoying the last few hours with the husband before he leaves town for the week :(

    And I'm wanting to learn more about china because my family (all 9 kids) and I are going there this summer! We're volunteering at the Starfish Foster home in Xi'an. Super excited! I had gathered you'd been there but not that many times! I need to read more of your posts :D

  14. Sounds like a wonderful weekend even if tears were involved! And I totally agree, sometimes we need to step away from our phones, computers, and social media, and just enjoy the moments with each other. Happy Monday!

  15. MMMM panera. That one word that makes me a happy camper. I love the food.


  16. i totally agree. why does blogger have to be sooo adicting?!?!

    good for you for having a relaxing weekend...mine was too. ;)

    i LOVE the little house on the prairie books!...

    i hope you have the most fun day ever!!!


  17. mr. wonderful is recovering from mono, so we got to be cozy and snuggle and watch movies and eat lebanese food :D and talk and have family visit us shut-ins...good stuff like that. :)

  18. I totally agree! It is sad when people look at other lives on the computer or TV like they are somehow better. Just live your own life, I am sure it is wonderful if you treat it that way! I am glad you had a great weekend! :)

  19. Love that song you've shared and that sounds like a perfect weekend :) You are so right, also. What do our lives look like when all the media, materials and such are removed?? Real life trumps everytime :)!!

  20. sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed!! i love awesome messages at church, finding new worship songs and just enjoying time with each other!

  21. Great post! Our weekend was pretty awesome too. We slept in, went out for breakfast, bought ourselves a new printer with our Christmas money, and enjoyed church and football!

  22. That sounds like my kind of weekend! Husbands are the best consolers! =)

  23. So true. The older I get the more I love my life and what my husband and I have built together. Our weekend was spent at the Australian National Botanic gardens with a friend. A beautiful lunch out doors, a chance encounter with a lizard named James and lots of laugh. This is what life is about, isn't it? :) Have a beautiful week ladies.

  24. Why are other people's lives so addicting?! Totally agree about focusing on your own awesome life. Sounds like your very own real life weekend was wonderful :)

  25. That picture is fantastic! I love it!
    Totally agree with stepping away from the computer and living it up sometimes... If we didn't, what would we have to blog about?! ;)


  26. hard to find a man manlier than pa ingalls (and we'll just continue to envision michael landon)

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  28. YES YES YES! I love your words....so true! Real life ROCKS in it's very own wonderful way. :D

  29. oh- you make such a good point! You are so right, it is so hard to break away from the beauty everywhere- seriously! But you're right, pizza outta the box is much better than an outfit I'll never own.

    Wise words and I LOVE the picture.

  30. What you're saying is so true! While I love blogging, pinterest, etc., getting to sucked into the whole thing also leads to making comparisons - which is dangerous!

    Love the photo!


  31. Thank you for your comment :) I like your blog.. I follow you ;)

  32. You are so right about real life being better than virtual and you need the real to inspire the blog.

    My weekend was spent with the other half exploring somewhere new and having long meals and never ending conversations and moments of perfect silence when nothing needs to be said.

  33. UGH! I totally feel ya on the computer trap!

    I often find myself feeling like, why can't i meet these kind of cool chick in my "real life?"
    BUT at the same time, I don't want to take my "real world friends" for granted either...

    It's a struggle to find balance, but I just can't give up my online life, because it inspires me ohsomuch!

    Sounds like you had fun this weekend :)

  34. Real life away from the computer is the best. Those with a life outside of their blog have the best and most interesting blogs. :)