Thoughts On Stuff

It's super easy for me to get caught up in the American dream of materialism.
As much as I imagine I don't
I do.
Plain simple truth here.

I love stuff, peoples.

I love shopping.
I love having an awesome house full of awesome stuff.
I love dressing cute.
I love traveling to exotic places.
love would love to always drive cars that aren't embarrassing.
I would love to live in a world where I never had to worry about money.

Unfortunately, that's not the lifestyle we live.
Or maybe fortunately?!

 {my super cool ten dollar rocking chair}

This last year
God has been gently reminding me that life is more than stuff.

 More than clothes.
. . . 

And the more I think about it
I am thankful that in His graciousness
He has placed us in a lifestyle that reminds me of this daily.

I am thankful He has allowed me to travel to places around the world 
where entire populations have less stuff than what's currently in my bedroom
in order that my own world may be placed in perspective. 

I am thankful that He reminds me everyday that 
I have everything I need to live.
Everything I need to be comfortable.

I am thankful that our lack of money
is a constant reminder that we are 
without Him.

So here's to thrifting most of what we own
creativity with what is currently in our home
gratefulness for true abundance by the larger world's standard
and acceptance of what we don't have.

And seriously, peoples.
It's amazing how much you can create 
with what you currently own
thrift stores
and craigslists.

And God saw it all, and it was very good.

Hubs and I are having an awesome laid back date night tonight
at home
in our cozy bedroom
with a large pizza and coke
and Water For Elephants.

I am truly truly blessed.
Happy weekend to ya, lovelies.


  1. See?! I love your writing! I feel the same way. Lately I have been slowly reminded of what's truly important in life. It's good to know you stopped and thought about this stuff too!

    Loves lady!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! It's always great to be reminded of the little things in life that God blesses us with and those things that make us happy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Lets follow each other!

  3. This post is beautiful. The chair is beautiful. Most importantly, you're beautiful - inside and out. LOVED THIS POST. I'll be baaaaaaack. I'm off to become a follower. (but seriously challenged in this arena so fingers crossed...)


  4. this is such a beautiful post. And so true, and I find the more things we have, the more we tend to be unsatisfied with them.

  5. So true. Especially with blogging, I like to blog about stuff, and get stuff, and be jealous of people who have more stuff than I (is this just me?). Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  6. I agree completely with this post and...love date nights like that! :)
    p.s. I'm glad you found my blog, it's nice to know there's another female bus driver out there! (especially one who doesn't have 80's hair/isn't overweight/doesn't yell at you, etc)

  7. What a crucial reminder that we need to keep telling ourselves due to the society we live in. God always provides what we need, and I am trying to learn to be content with what I have and remember that God is all I should truly desire :)

  8. So true! I love your thrifted rocking chair - it's adorable :)

    Enjoy your date night!


  9. sorry - for some reason I always get distracted when I'm about to post a comment on your blog. And I know that doesn't make you feel better because it doesn't make me feel better when people say that to me. HA. But I did want to say I love your blog and this post really resinated with me. I hate being poor. I'll just say it. This was a good reminder to me that furniture, phones, laptops and yes even clothes are not that important. so thanks. And now you're probably thinking,'This girl is just rambling and making no sense and I'm glad she doesn't have time to comment!' Alrighty.... I'm done. P.S. LOVE those date nights!

  10. This is exactly why I love your blog.
    PS I still have my Christmas decor up too. At least you have a good excuse, you busy working girl. My excuse is a bit different!

  11. Nicole // you are so right. It's all about finding things we can fill our house with that we love and that make us unique. Quality -- not quantity. Thanks for helping me remember that!

  12. $10 for that rocking chair? Nicole, I need to come shopping with you! Your home looks and sounds cosy, comfortable and above all else, real. I really am falling in love with your blog <3

  13. Hey Nicole! I just found your blog and this post sealed the deal for me! My husband and I are the youth/worship pastors at our church and our budget is kinda small...I am only working part time in order to also take care of our little boy. I have been reading blogs here and there lately in order to challenge my creativity and style! Needless to say, this can sometimes lead to becoming a little too focused on material things. Thanks for the reminder and perspective and for resonating with what's already in my heart! I will definitely be reading your blog more often! Grace and peace...