Friday Files {edition seventeen}

This week's edition of the Friday Files is a bit different.
It's a rather gutsy honest story . .  but that's what these Friday Files are about, right?!
{if you are new or just plain forgot why I started them, you can catch up here}
Promise me that after you read it, we can still be friends.
Or else you shall be officially banned from the cool circle.
Kidding. But seriously. I would probably unfriend myself too.
K, ya ready?! Set.GO.

- - - 

On Monday night, while I was down in Mexico
I got a voicemail from Husband and it went something like this.

Hey Babe.  Just wanted to call and let you know before you saw pictures on facebook.
I buzzed my head with your brothers. . . 

I literally crumpled on the floor and started crying.
Now before you judge me for having the emotions of a twelve year old girl
My husband has the best-most-hottest-freakin'-awesomest hair in the world.
True story.

It's blonde and a teeny bit wavy and thick and soft because he conditions it 
and it makes my little heart go blamitybamblambam.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit but I was LITerAlly mad at that boy for a solid two days.
So mad I didn't even want to look at the photos
or think of going home and touching it
or anything else. . . 

As I climbed on that plane in San Diego on Wednesday morning
I felt God starting to break through to my selfish, ugly heart.

I felt smitten in my heart as I heard updates from this family 
about their wife/mom being hit with Spinal Meningitis.
Literally being on the edge of life itself.
I felt convicted because hair is just hair.  It grows.  And especially fast for Adam.
I felt God quietly whispering to my soul 
how idiotic I can be by treating my sweet boy so ugly 
over something so small.

Yet somehow inside I didn't want to be ok with it.
I wanted to be a little bit mad for the whole time it took to grow back.
Almost as if to be sure he would never do it again.
I felt like I could barely pray that God would give me grace to love no matter what.

As the miles of country flew away under me
I felt the grace and love of God slowly creep into my soul.
Slowly breaking me of the selfishness that cries out for rule.
By the time I saw my buzzed boy running towards me
I felt only love and excitement to be back with him again.
So even though I'll be glad when it's back
I am thankful that somehow I was able to let go
and not waste precious days of marriage with useless anger.

God seriously rocks, yo.
Seriously seriously is amazing.
Cuz not being mad at 
my favorite boy is really the best thing ever.

- - - 

Have you ever experienced this?!
Or maybe I'm the only wifey to get mad about dumb stuff.
Probably true story.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! And holy moly, the last three (collage) are remarkle! Needs to be in a magazine or something!! Happy Friday!

  2. those last 3 pictures are BREATHTAKING!! i LOVVEEE them!!<3

  3. Those last three pictures are STUNNING, wow! And no, you are certainly not the only one. I find myself so angry and upset sometimes over the smallest things. And like you, I start to put things in perspective and realize how small these things really are. I would have reacted just like you did to the shaving of the head (both the crying mad part, and the forgiving part) :-)

  4. Chris and I have had THIS EXACT same argument before. And yes, it takes the grace of God in every aspect of our relationship to let ugliness like that out of my heart. I always am THRILLED when it grows back but there are those several moments of frustration and yes, even anger. Thankful for your honesty and how God works even in the ugly in my life. He always loves us.

  5. You are not alone in that at all! It is crazy how the little things start to be annoying once you are married. Thank goodness for forgiveness! I want to see a pic of his new do!

  6. I am 100% certain that you are not the only wife to get mad over dumb stuff.... also true story.

  7. Getting mad at little stuff is normal and I feel it helps you realize how important things are in your life. Realizing how silly a fight is makes you realize how strong your bond actually is. :)

  8. It's an honest reaction, and you are most certainly not alone! Transitioning from the ME to the WE takes more effort than one would think. Not long after we got married, my hubby made some dinner plans with friends, and sent me a text that said something like, "We are going to do this tonight." I remember getting upset and saying, "Really, because WE decided that?!" I spent the afternoon fuming because he didn't ask me if I wanted to do those plans, he just made the plans and expected me to go along with it. It wasn't until my drive home from work that I realized how ridiculous it was for me to be upset about my hubby making dinner plans for us with friends! I apologized about 200 times, we went out and had a great night, and I might have told him that I'll forever love any plan he makes for us. Because I'm a sap like that. :)

  9. Hey dear.
    The post was simply sweet. Love your honesty. And I can totally identify. Ok, well, I don't have a hubs yet, but I have been very mad at *someones* for cutting my little blond brothers' hair before. Like, I a superly protective of it. So I know how you feel. Almost as if part of you has been taken away when you see the head devoid of the hair you loved. Maybe too much. So thanks for sharing!
    Love ya,

  10. seriously?! no pictures???! how could people not ask for pictures??? I guess I'll have to go snoop on facebook

    (and I would be especially not-fond of a buzz-headed version of my man as well)

  11. Yes, been there! It's so easy to lose sense of the "big picture", isn't it?

    A few years back, we PROMISED not to shave my brother's head until AFTER all the family pictures were taken at my cousin's wedding. Well, between the ceremony + pictures and the reception that evening, we shaved his head. My mom wanted to kill us! But what could she do? We had a good laugh.

    P.S. I watched the new(er) version of Pride and Prejudice last night and thought that actress who plays Mr. Bingley's sister just had to be you!

  12. mmm...this post was amazing, your love for God is inspiring!! thanks for sharing this.

  13. you're not. my husband used to have kind of shaggy hair and it was SO hot. i loved it. haha! he wants to be a cop and i honestly used to think i didn't want him to be one JUST because he would have to cut his hair!!! eventually he started almost completely shaving it, and it was so weird. now it's normal. :)

  14. Wow...if anyone unfriends you over being so honest...well then it's their loss :) I don't know anyone who hasn't gotten mad over something that a month later seems trivial...but at the time we felt that it affected our lives. So glad your husband is still "hot" to you :)

  15. I clean when I'm angry. So sometimes, when I'm ticked at my hubs over something stupid, and I know it, I milk it just a little bit longer, to make sure the whole house gets an overhaul. I've been irritated over stupid things numerous times. One thing that I've learned (slowly and with much patience on God's side) is that it's poor form to be angry at my husband for possessing a character trait that I admire. Like when he won't break plans with someone just because I came home early. He keeps his word; that's not something to discourage. Ya know what I mean? Thanks for sharing your story!

  16. Welcome to marriage. It is a constantly revolving do of emotion like this. You are two people, despite however long you have been together/lived together, are different and still getting to know each other. I think it is a good thing, it makes you grow closer, spiritually, mentally, physically and all other lly's. It is marriage, enjoy every bit of it, even the downs.
    Overcoming Hertels

  17. I'm sure I've had moments like that. But my husband - nada, none at all! I'm so glad you found peace regarding it before you got home. I'm so glad you shared this story Nicole. I can't wait for Patrick to get home so I can give him a big ol' hug :)Have a beautiful weekend.

  18. Don't worry, we all still love you to bits :) I'm pretty sure I've had very similar moments. The good thing it does grow back!