Goals I Can Get {February}

 {jeans: gordmans, shirt: f21, scarf: stolen from seester's closet, glasses: walmart, shoes: american eagle}

I'm kinda loving making these monthly goals and watching them actually get accomplished.
It's kinda like I'm a rock star or something. . . or something.
Remember when I first talked about it here?!

Here's a leetle update from last month
with new goals for February.
And some what I wore while visiting Seester in Mexico.
This is the day I paid fifty cents to use the bathroom
AND the day we watched a couple FULL.ON make-OUT on the park bench
in broad daylight.
Hello people.  Gross.

 January's Update on Goals

: Run at least twice a week
I did super great, running at least every other day for the first two weeks of the month.
Then it actually got cold and frozen runner's lung was just too not cool.
The last two weeks of the month I ran/walk/played sports several times
Better than nothing, the way I figure it.

: Complete chapter one in chinese book two
Let's not talk about this one.
A girl can't do everything on her list, right?!

: Reach 300 followers 
YAY!  You guys are awesome!  THANK YOU for spreading the love
So glad we are friends!!

:  Write one handwritten letter to someone who has impacted my life
I wrote two actually!  Go meeeee!!!!

: Read two books
Read two fiction books.  Started three non-fiction
Kinda feel like a cheater.
But they were sodanggood.

: Send a package to my bestie in Mexico
Didn't get it sent. . . but I did hand deliver some gifts to her last week.
I guess that's better than mailing one, no?!

Goals for February

:  Read two non-fiction book and one fiction or two or three.

: Send seester another package.  In the mail this time.  Or mail myself to her.
Either or.

: Learn to crochet

: Start a little herb garden from seeds

: Plan weekly menus for at least one week

: Send a surprise gift to someone.

: Exercise at least twice a week

- - -

K, lovelies.  Shoot me your best goal for this month.


  1. your adorable!! and I LOVE thesee!!

  2. this is great, i need to set more goals. seriously.

    that's a goal in and of itself right?

  3. Exercise at least every other day - whether that's running or busting some cardio work outs with the help of gaiam on hulu!

  4. I love that you are posting your goals! You are way more proactive than I am. I hope February is a fabulously successful month for you! PS would post your reading list? I'm always on the hunt for new books!

    1. yes! i will try to do a post on some of my favs. stay tuned. :)

  5. This is a great list Nicole! I want to try the meal plan for a week once I'm married :) AND I love the hand-written letter idea too.. Hmm... ;)

  6. Huh, monthly goals. I like it. Uhm... add 10 things to my etsy shop, take 4 pictures I love, read my bible 4+ times a week, run 3+ times a week, and never have more than 4 loads of laundry to fold at once. :) Thanks for the motivation!

  7. Not to push book titles on you or anything but I just finished a fantastic non-fiction book. The book was about the Madoff family -- after their dad went to jail. It was an absolutely fascinating, sad story. I really could hardly put it down.

    I don't even understand all about trading and the technicalities of Mr. Madoff's crime but the book was more about the dynamics of the family. Definitely like a juicy novel. :)

    It's called "Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family" by Laurie Sandell.

    1. ooo thanks for letting me know. i will look it up.

      you are really amazing. thanks dear.


  8. I've got a herb garden and I love it! It feels so good to go out and cut your own food :)

    Impressed on how well you did with your January goals - you ARE a rock star! :)


  9. Congratulations on getting through your January looks - quite successfully too by the looks of it :) We started a herb garden from seeds and we love them. So easy and we're using them so much. My Jan goals went great as well. My Feb goal is actually a shopping diet. So far so good. Lets see what happens!

  10. Loved this! I think I'm going to make monthly goals for myself.. I usually do but have been so busy since the new year started I totally forgot!! xoxx

  11. Love this post! You're great in making goals. I should learn from you. :/

  12. Nicole...you are adorable and very inspiring. I initially started following you because you are a fellow redhead...kept following because you are so awesome!
    Just curious, are you going to teach yourself to crochet or are you going to have someone else teach you?
    Learning to crochet is my goal for this month as well. Wondering if I can tackle it by online vidoes or if I need to take a class.

    1. ooo. my mom knows how to do basic stuff so i might have her teach me what she knows. then i may try to learn some extra stuff from online tutorials.

      please let me know what you learn! i would love to learn with you!


  13. My monthly goals are usually written in a "to-do" list on the fridge. They include: survive this pregnancy, CLEAN THE CAR OUT, and take the hubby's suits to the dry cleaners. Lame. :) I have some more meaningful ones I should probably put in plain sight on the fridge too.

    1. it is such a great idea to put them on the fridge. i wrote some of mine on my chalkboard calendar/board. it's nice to have them in my face. :)


  14. Love it! Awesome idea to do the herb garden!


    Overcoming Hertels

  15. lovin the outfit! soo super cute!


  16. I love this post! I love that you set realistic goals....I tend to set unrealist for me goals and then fail....no wonder I fail! Love your little corner of the world! Also if I can crochet....so can you....check out my latest projects here http://cathyjustplainoleme.blogspot.com/.....also YOUTUBE is very helpful with learing to knit or crochet.

  17. I love that you wrote out your goals! Such a great way to motivate yourself! Thank you for the inspiration. I am not sure how I found you but I am glad I did...new follower :)