I've Kinda Run Out Of Awesome Titles With The Word Love In Them

My little sisters rock.
As do Valentines Day parties with them.
We ate pink cupcakes and heart cookies until we could roll 
ourselves around on our cute little bums.
Then we made little flower hair clips from this awesome tutorial.
It was just perfectly wonderful in the most wonderfulest way.
{more pictures coming soon}

As I mentioned yesterday, the love holiday didn't quite go as I had planned.
It all started while we were driving those long 13 hours through the night
to get home from the awesome trip to Colorado
{also more on that soon}

It was almost 2:00blearyo'clock in the morning.
Hubs and I had just switched drivers and I was cuddling cramped
down to sleep in the front seat when I sat up in horror after
the loudest, scariest crash on the side of our car.

Then next thing I know I'm clawing Hubs' arm for all I'm worth
and I'm screaming for God to help us.
We had hit a deer and literally lost control of our car.
I saw us veer straight towards the median
then hard right to the ditch.

Somehow God gave us a shallow ditch to careen into.
Somehow He allowed no other cars to be around.
Somehow our car was still drive-able.
Somehow we avoided a bridge that was just a quarter of a mile ahead.
God rocks, people.

Then it was a fury of shaking hugs and of course me sobbing 
into Hubs chest how scared I was.

The next two hours included us getting stuck in the snow
then the mud underneath.
Calls to AAA.  Runs down the road to figure out where-in-the-heck-of-Nebraska are we?!
Uhh, yeah. Hello AAA. Do you know where Crooked Mud Creek is?  Cuz that's where we are.
{that was Husband running. not me. bless that boy}
Then the waiting. And finally the dragging out.
Finished by hot dogs from the closest truck stop and chants of constant 
deer searching the rest of the night.

All the whole long boring monologue to say this.
The delays and tiredness from said insane
road trip, rather crimped our plans for the rest of Valentines Day.

It got me thinking. . .
Why has society defined this day too look
like overpriced red roses
truffles and
Why are expensive dinners the only expectable option?
And why must my feelings be hurt if any of the above is missing?!

Why can't a day spent together simply living life
or a movie and pizza while cuddling in bed
or even just the gift of life itself 
be enough worth celebrating?!

Even just the fact that for so long I have dreamed of being married to 
my best friend and that last night we got to go to sleep together in
our very own bedded mountain of blankets?!

This is real love, peoples.  
And it's worth celebrating every single day of the year.

Hey you lucky girl, Vanisha!
You are the winner of the big giveaway!
Please email me your info.
While the rest of us will heave soft jealous sobs
over your loot. . .


  1. so...did you take the deer home and eat it? you should mail me some. i'm glad you're ok! p.s you're adorable

    1. so we did not. adam actually just kicked and kicked it to get out his aggression at the situation. :)
      should tied it behind the car all the way home to teach all the deers a lesson. ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! That sounds scary! I am glad you both are okay!

  3. So thankful that you're ok! God does rock! :)

  4. wow!! =O

    p.s. you are GORGEOUS!! (: and
    p.p.s. congrattss vanisha!! :)

  5. This is such a great and moving post! I'm so glad you're okay, and God really does rock! Happy (belated) Valentine's Day to you both!

  6. Wow how scary with the car crash! Thank goodness you made it home safely!

  7. ah how very scary! i know i would have fallen into a million little pieces if i was in your boat (or car i suppose?). Glad you are ok and that you eventually made it home!

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  9. Oh, Nicole, what a way to have to learn a very good lesson. We so over commercialize, and buy into every holiday, when we truly can just love each other every day and celebrate all of God's goodness we've been given. Especially life!!!!! Which truly is the greatest gift of all. How scary! I'm so very glad that you were ok!! Life is so precious!!!

  10. WOW what a drive, soo happy you guys are safe and sound! Way more inclined to the mountain of blankets over the expensive flowers as well :) PS- cutie little sisters!!


  11. So happy you are okay and thankful for your words. Seriously, what a TRUE statement... I need to be more like that!

  12. You and your hubby are so cute in these pics!

  13. I'm so glad you're alive and well too! Way to count your blessings. Isn't it sometimes amazing how much worse a situation could be and yet, things will be okay. Tender mercies from God, I agree. :)

    I loved your last paragraphs. I couldn't agree more! I think of Valentine's day as an excuse to celebrate those I love with cheesy fun acts of love. It's never been more than that around our house, never will. Money, roses, and fancy dates? Blah. Give me the good stuff! Like kisses underneath the covers and smiles when the little boy sees hearts plastered all over the house first thing in the morning.

  14. I'm so glad you guys are ok! Sounds like it was terrifying, but could have been so much worse. So glad God was looking out for you two, and that you're home safe and sounds now :)


  15. wow what a crazy driving story! I'm so glad everything turned out ok and you got to spend Valentine's with your man :)

  16. so scary! glad you're safe. Also, I've decided I like the ''hubs'' haircut.

  17. I think you're adorable! And I totally agree! Our v-day was spent chilling over homemade quesadillas, with some cleaning and hanging out to round out the night. All with my lover boy. Perfection.

  18. Nicole, oh my goodness, I'm so glad you're okay. Stupid deer! Valentines day doesn't get celebrated in our home. And I'm quite happy with that because the hubs surprises me and arranges great getaways throughout the year, all the time. We just stayed at home and do what we would normally do :)But I am so thankful you are safe <3

  19. Aw, I'm so glad you guys are okay and could still enjoy your day together! God is so good!

  20. That is seriously the most gorgeous picture of you and your man. Stunning! Jo x