Friday Files {edition redo}

Do you remember why I started these Friday Files?!
Are you just a brand new, cute baby face newbie to this little site?!
Click here to catch up on the deets.

Mmkay.  You're caught up now, right?!
I've decided to do a little switchy-roo in the format of these weekly posts.
Rather than a list of mostly-less-than-glamorous events from my life,
I want to transition to a little heart-to-heart chat.
Kind of like the girl date posts you've seen here a few times.

My heart is that Friday Files can be a place where the reality that life is sometimes much less than we would hope it would be,
balanced with the truth that God is still good in His daily love towards us.
There also may or not be some vlogs coming up. . . 
Maybe some real life house tours?!
Whatchya cool people say about that?!

Stayed tuned for the Friday Files New Edition coming next weee-heeek.
- - - 

Because this is literally how happy I am for the weekend. . . and the fact that warmer weather is just around the corner

In other random real life news.  This weekend we will refinish one of the wood floors in our house beginning Saturday morning at eight-dadblame-oclock in the morning.  
Oh weekend, why must you rob me of thyself?! 

Then we are going to attend a live Tim Hawkins event that was Hubs birthday present from the parents.
We are prepared with our laughing game on.

I also plan to find some delicious ungodliness to stuff my face with.  Then I'll maybe run a mile. And a half.

You also just might see me hunched over my computer preparing the World's Freakin' Best Girl Party Ev-Arrr.  You have until midnight tonight to send in your submissions.  Do it, yo!

So what are your plans for the weekend?!  Tell me it includes something yummy. . .


  1. After reading that back post, I think I'm going to have to read through all of your archives because I was cracking up and falling in love with your blog/you simultaneously!! Absolutely can't wait to see the Girl Party come together :) My weekend plans include moving our first load of boxes, visiting my sister and her ADORABLE little kiddos, and travelling to Northern VA for Hubby's interview at 8am on Monday. Have a great weekend, love! xoxo, eliza

  2. The boyfriend and I are going to a friend's place tonight then again tomorrow. We'll probably walk around Costco on Sunday to find things we could buy - they have been having great deals on sunglasses! Oh and of course enjoy the taste tests there ;)

    I might also take my BF to the mall just to see what else he wants for his birthday. :)


  3. We're heading down to South Carolina this weekend....sooo excited! The kids are too. ;) Hailing from Canada, it'll be nice to get a touch of sun and heat. I'm off to go work on my southern accent, y'all got it going on. xo
    ps. sent you an email this morning for your magnificent girl's partaay! Let me know if you got it. Not sure if I sent it to the correct email address.

  4. That's such a great picture!
    And eight o'clock is too early for any self-respecting human being to wake up on a Saturday. Seriously. i am so sorry that that's how your Saturday will start, but hey - more daylight to enjoy, right?!
    HAve a fabulous weekend!

  5. i wish i could explain how excited i get when i find blogs like yours...

    i love it!

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  7. Carnitas. Yummy, yummy Carnitas. (http://bit.ly/rEAc0L)
    The only thing about them is that when I went to wake Handsome up from his nap yesterday before supper, we got into this cuddle/kiss thing, and before ya know it the crispy, chewy, caramelly edges got rawther black. :( But it was good anyway, and we're going to enjoy them again tonight too!