Friday Files {edition twenty two}

:: Maybe I should get a reward for being the world's worst greatest procrastinator.  I began planning a newly-married-girls group back in the fall.  Would you believe that we got together for the first time on Tuesday?!  Lesson learned: be more proactive, but never ever give up a dream. And. . .  Better late than tardy, as they say.

:: I am exceedingly proud of myself for keeping up on dishes all week.   Does that really count because I was on spring break all week?!

:: Other than dishes and maybe a couple loads of laundry, I was pretty lazy all week.

:: Aaaaaand in other random spring break news.  You may find me in a curled up ball of denial this weekend as monday translates 'back to work'.  Woe is me. . .

:: I have a hard time cooking good meals for myself when I'm home alone all day.  This is the point where I ask for help.  Can you share easy, healthy meals you have throughout the week?!  My body is screaming, Save us from meals of cottage cheese and cookies!

:: Last night Hubs had to deliver some screws to a customer on the way home that was out of the way by a whopping 15 miles.  I have to confess that I got a little irritated that he is so nice on our gas dime.  That's like a whole $5 of gas wasted.  Then I have this brick to the head moment when I realize, Duh. Would I rather be married to a selfish, stingy man?!  The head gets the message.

:: Somehow I have managed to miss my monthly goal's post for March.  Here's a little recap from February and what I'm working on this month:

: Read two non-fiction book and one fiction or two or three
{Read The Pioneer Woman's Love Story.  Literally made me laugh and cry.  For realz people.  READ IT!}
: Send seester another package. : Learn to crochet
: Start a little herb garden from seeds 
: Plan weekly menus for at least one week: Send a surprise gift to someone.: Exercise at least twice a week

{unless you consider bed to kitchen runs for cookies exercise}

: Actually learn to crochet
: Fix the holes in our bedroom walls
: Read another two books.  Maybe actually three this time
: Actually run outside at least twice a week
: Plan a rockin' good Easter dinner
: Do a craft. Any craft. Just something.
: Take one of my little sister's on a date
: Reach 450 followers. . . will you spread the love?!  
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{revised in May}    

Happy happy weekend to you, Lovelies!


  1. Beautiful sister! And great goals!! :)

  2. Good luck on your March goals! I'll try to send some good karma your way.

  3. I'm the same as you, if Jurgen isn't home I just snack all.day.long. I just can't be bothered to put effort into making my own little self a meal! Let me know if you find any quick and easy recipes!

    The last pic of you and your sis is so sweet!


  4. Beautiful sisters. :)

    Good luck on your goals! I think they're great.

  5. never got the package love... hmmmm... you are adorable. the end

  6. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to be ticked at my husband for possessing qualities that I admire. It sounds weird, but true. Have a great end-of-spring-break weekend!

  7. Ooo I LOVE your idea of monthly goals! Why haven't I been doing that?! Ha! The PW's love story is next on my reading list! SO Excited!

  8. I read the love story and I know how to crochet. The end.

  9. I love your monthly goals, what a good idea! I also am a huge procrastinator and do not want to go back to work/school on monday. I hate that feeling in your guy on sunday night because you know Monday is looming! Haha my follower goal is 50! Woah dream big right! haha


  10. I love that you organized a newly married girls group! So fun! What do y'all do?