Friday Files {edition twenty}

:: Lately the area around my body has become cranky-pants-central and I don't like it.  Why be mad at stupid stuff that means nothing?!  Praying daily for more fruits of the Spirit.

:: I was an awesome wife this week as I made homemade blueberry muffins, green springy cupcakes AND the most delish soft chocolate chip cookies.  To counteract the awesomeness, I left all the dishes in the sink. . .

:: When it comes to choosing curtains for our windows, I become a neurotic-indecisive person.  Never can quite make up my mind.  It's like a revolving curtain/door.

::  Running shoes.  Get the on my feet.  This is your last warning lest I cut the from me forever.
{the shoes, not the feet. and not like that would do me much good. . . whateves}

:: I hate our sink water.  So I buy big jugs of filtered water and drink straight outta the gallon.  It's always a bit awkward when I'm taking a swig at a stop light.  Uhh, hello other cars.  Don't mind the cow guzzling from the water tough here.

:: You know that line in Anne of Green Gables {The Continuing Story} when Anne is crying because Jack stole her story and Gil is comforting her and saying how impulsive she is by rushing headlong into things, but he still loves her?!  Sometimes I feel like that.  

Like last Saturday when I decided on a whim to rip the paneling off our bedrooms walls.  In the words of a friend, maybe it would have been cheaper to take that trip to Arizona.  Lucky for me Husband is hot when he's a carpenter began the remodeling process without any nasty glares or cranky words.  He's just a stud like that.

- - - 

Happy Friday, Lovelies.
If you are wondering what we're up to, we'll be in the kitchen doing dishes.


  1. Oh you. You are the best! I drink water out of my filtered gallons like a cow too :) Who cares?! You drink up, my friend!!

  2. Yum! Sounds like you made some tasty goodies this week!

    And that is smart to drink out of a gallon thing though! Then you are for sure getting your daily water allotment (and lots of extra bathroom trips in there too...haha).

  3. This put such a smile on my face during a rather difficult work day. I swear I would bake so much more if dirt dishes weren't involved. For the life of me, I can't pick curtains either! Or bedding.

    Thank you for mentioning Anne of Green Gables. I love those movies *so* much. And now I think I will watch them this weekend :)

  4. Wow. That project looks fun. ;) And have fun doing those dishes! :)


  5. Thank you for the super sweet comment on my blog! We had a SPECTACULAR wedding photographer who did a pretty darn good job of making me look good on film for the big day ;)
    In our house, I ALWAYS leave the dirty dishes in the sink after I cook haha. It's sort of an unspoken deal between the husband and I that he does them if I'm going through the trouble of cooking. I highly recommend such a deal.
    And HOLY COW your wall is gone! :O I would have been in some big, big trouble if I were you haha.

    Happy weekend!
    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  6. That's so like me! I do really good on dishes for a week or so, and then the next day I make food and the whole kitchen looks like a disaster! My mom used to say she wanted a "kitchen that flushed". lol

  7. We're very alike, when it comes to choosing curtains...
    ...and to doing dishes. :/
    Our running shoes are alike, too. :)
    I hate our sink water! :(

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!! ;)

  8. Glad operation re-model is underway - in the long run you would have had to fix the wall anyways :)

    I also have a phobia of drinking sink water... I'm not sure where it comes from but I always carry water bottles with me everywhere too.

    Have a great weekend lady!


  9. oh, gosh, good luck with the remodel...looks daunting, to say the least.

  10. You are adorable, I love all of these.
    Cranky pants central...ha. that made me laugh out loud

  11. You are an awesome wife! I definitely would have left the dishes in the sink too... and I would have said,'I made you cupcakes, so you should clean up right?' Then, I probably would've eaten almost all of the cupcakes, lol!

  12. Good luck with your remodeling work..!

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