If We Were Hanging Out Today. . .

I would marvel over the bipolar weather in the midwest which might include 
a few complaints over the snowy ice covered bus on Monday morning 
and praises for the sunny breezes on Tuesday.  Go figure.  
My sports bra and booty shorts are underneath my 17 winter layers just in case 
it warms up and I decide to run.  
{Literally people.  Saw a woman in shorts and a sports bra the other day.  Really lady?!  It's March 8 for crying out loud.  Please wait until at LEAST the first day of summer before we have to see that.}

I would probably tell you that it's so easy to fall into a rut of date night being just a movie or dinner.  
While I love that, there is a bit of my soul that craves those new and unique adventures dating couples are prone to have.  
So Hubs and I made an agreement that we would each plan one special date for the other each month and have two dates were we just wing it. . . 
communication and plans like this keep our marriage healthy and good.

I would then probably brag a teeny bit that we found two free museums in Iowa City to explore.  
One I hadn't been to since I was in school and the other I didn't even know existed.  
We swapped history stories as we walked around.  Husband explained how planes and birds fly and had a pretty rad impersonation of a sloth.

And ps it was snowy like we were walking inside a Currier & Ives snow globe.  
Hello, March!

I would also probably mention several random facts about me.  
Like the fact that I can devour an alarming amount of Easter candy in one sitting.  
{any holiday candy for that matter}  
And I would also inform you that the running shoes are going back on the toes TOOnight.

I would tell you that I am particularly exhausted this week.
Remember the five straight days of being gone from home for 12-14 hours?!
I pull my body out of the warm cozy bed every morning
 and beg God that it would be Saturday.
Wouldn't that be amazing to realize in the middle of the day that it was 
actually Saturday?!
I would rush my buns to Hubs work,
steal him away 
and go straight back to bed for sleep and cuddles.

Then if we happened to be hanging out at our house, 
I would probably drag you into our bedroom to show you 
the wall demolition that has taken place.  
Of course I would probably have to remind you to watch out 
for the landmine of splinters and nails in the carpet.  
I might even show you the cool boards Hubs tore out of the walls 
and then let you in on the secret crafty plans I have for them.  
Which may or may not involve chalkboard paint.

I might also honesty mention that Adam and I had a rough weekend in regards to some marriage stuff.  People.  It's kinda hard this whole merging two lives and personalities thing.  
Perfectly amazing and wonderful.  
But sometimes just plain hard.  
Thanks be to God for the unending patience of my boy.  And his wooing love by buying me a box of truffles on that one particularly hard day.

Of course I couldn't let the bit about truffles pass without telling you that story from two summers ago when we were in China.  I had a particularly vivid dream one night about eating truffles.  
And the next day I begged Husband to find me 
some dang truffles. . . which of course are hard to find in said country.  
Ever since then, I have been begging him to not forget and yesterday the boy delivered. 
 Hello happy mouth and hips!

Then I would probably give you a big hug just to say thanks
for being you.
Thanks for your emails. Comments. Tweets. 
All your encouragement means to much. . . you guys are really quite the chums
and I really think I love ya.

- - - 

What would you share if we were hanging out today?!
Happy Weekend Minus Two Days, Lovelies!

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  1. You guys are adorable! :) Are you from Iowa? I was born\raised there but left during my college years. :)

  2. I LOVE this! AND.... I didn't know you live IN IOWA! Best state ever!!!!! :) Also... I love your guys' take on date nights! I think Justin & I will definitely start something similar once we're married. :)

  3. Just found your blog via "embrace the camera"! I love it. I love this post. I love your honesty. Marriage is hard at times and my hubs and I have a really rough week and a half. This post really encouraged my heart though. Thank you.
    Très bien

  4. what a great idea! it's so hard to find different/exciting things to do when it's cold outside. you two are adorable.

  5. It seems like everyone in the US is have bi-polar weather these days - in SA we are getting the same ol' same ol'. But, in my opinion summer can stay as long as it likes :)

    We don't have a designated date night now, but I think it's a great idea! Otherwise it becomes so easy to get stuck into the same boring routine.

    Thanks for the update friend!


  6. oh gosh, all the snowy pictures are making me happy.
    and seriously, that sports bra running lady needs to calm down. at least let the rest of us take off that winter layer of fat and holiday eating so we can catch up ;)
    xo TJ

  7. I feel like I just DID hang out with you. And it was a good time. And if we were hanging out, I'd be super hungry for some truffles or other Easter candy. And I'd tell you that those boards are going to look awesome once you get some chalkboard paint on them. And that marriage is always hard, always rewarding. And it gets easier, for the most part. Great post. Loved it.

  8. Now I want to hang out with you!

    Museums are so fun. But I'm a nerd :)

    Bipolar weather here too! It snowed Sunday, it was 70 and sunny yesterday, and it's cold and rainy today.

    Husbands who give truffles are the best husbands. Also, totally agree on the difficulty of merging two lives/personalities. I got married last May and have had the same struggles. It's wonderful and glorious and I love marriage, but some days can be downright difficult.


  9. oh that snow! i'm a tad bit jealous. just a tad.

    i'm over it now and i'll go outside with my shorts and flip-flops and enjoy that. thanks :)

    glad you embraced with us---loved reading your post!

  10. Is that first set of pictures from the old Capitol? The outside of it appeared to be...

  11. if we were hanging out today I would totally be digging into that Easter candy right along with you, and telling you how beautiful that snow looks to my little Florida heart!

  12. oh! I love museums (i work at one) I love hearing about them in other cities and states! Your photos are so lovely!

  13. Marriage is hard sometimes. I think it's a great idea to schedule date nights... we might have to start that :) Sports bra already?! I saw someone in a tee shirt the other day (it was only 35 degrees) and I thought... not that warm! But maybe if you pretend like it's that warm... it will be?

  14. i just ran across your blog, and for lack of better words, it warms my heart! you and your husband are so darling. i just got married too. it's incredible, but definitely a learning process.