Ok. I confess. I'm a pathetic sap.

I have recorded about 75% of all the text messages Hubs has ever sent me.
Lamely, pathetically sappy, no?!
{and ps it does make it easy that he's not a big texter}
I love going back and reading these little messages . . . 
and remember those feelings that came with them.
It's like my own book of mini love letters.

SOooo to celebrate our nine months of being married today
I thought I would share some of my favorites:

January 11, 2010
Hey nicole! This is adam.  What time r u taking off outta john wayne airport?  There’s a chance I can come by and c u off.  U can just text/call this # back b/c my regular phone’s still broken
{the day i was flying out of california and he flew his airplane to meet me and say goodbye. 
coincidentally, the day we started dating}

January 15, 2010

Good morning, Beautiful!  Just thinking of u
{this was first time he called me beautiful. i was sitting at the library and my heart dropped into my tummy} 

January 21, 2010

Hey nicole! For the record, u r ridiculously gorgeous.  Just had 2 say it. Hope ur having a good day

February 11, 2010
Good!  Just thinking about this red-haired Beauty.  I know.  I went 2 the beach 2day.  IT was beautiful. I was thinking we gotta go havea  picnic there when u come.

March 8, 2010
Hey babe I just watched all of january’s videos on the blog.  I couldn’t pull myself away.  U r just WAY 2 beautiful & wonderful & perfect.  Missing u terribly.

March 31, 2010
Hey baby!  I’m done w/ the movie if u wanna chat.  Feel free 2 sleep if ur tired tho.  I totally understand.  Can’t wait 2 c u!!  Holding my breathe and my heart for you.

April 22, 2010
Hey Babe! I know ur probably in bed so no need to reply but wanted to let you know I’m praying for you & thinking about you.  Sorry u had a rough night.  Sleep well, Beautiful…

May 5, 2010
15 minutes!!  Here in Cali u can wait for hrs!  People start pulling out their cots and sleeping bags and start filling out temporary change of address forms.
{this was in response to informing him that DOT lines in Iowa take 15 minutes to get through. . . 
as he stood in line in california for over an hour}

October 15, 2010
Hey Love!  I’m at the same terminal u came out of on dec 15th, 2009 – where all the magic started.  Its bringing back a lot of memories.  I love u sooo much

October  20, 2010
Forget kissing and driving.  I don’t think I could kiss & walk @ the same time ;-)  all sorts of accidents would occur.  I luv u soo much baby.  How’s ur day going?

November 3, 2010
Man!  I stinking hate goodbyes, especially the part where I can’t c u anymore.  That’s when it always hits me.  I love u soo much baby & will b praying 4u. Luv u!
{after saying goodbye from a two day visit to california}

November 25, 2010
I love u sooo much baby!  Can’t wait 2 talk & cuddle & catch up.  U r the joy of my life.  Ps. U looked super HOT 2day

December 4, 2010
I luv u!! I luv u!!  I luv u!! I luv u!!

Decemeber 9, 2010
Just because I can’t say ‘I love u’ enough!  Hope us enjoy the movie Baby & I NEEEEDDDD a pic of ur smokin’ HOT self.  Call me when free tonight.  Oh & did I tell u that I luv u

Ps. I’m drooling ;-)

January 15, 2011
Sorry baby love that I had 2 go so fast. I am so powerfully in love w/ u

January 23, 2011
I luv u sooo much my Love!  Unfortunately skype was acting up & wouldn’t let me use the keypad.  So I gave skype a bad report card and figured I’d try a lil later

February 22, 2011
I miss u sooo bad!  I’m useless at work

March 11, 2011
Hey Lovie Sorry the pic is all fuzzy.  It’s a drink cap w/ the words “miss u like crazy!” and I just wanted to say that I totally concur. Life is not fun w/o u!!

April 19, 2011
Thx for coming back to IA for me :-D  I know Mississippi was warmer.  I luv bring w/ u!  Luving u…

May 9, 2011
U looked really really really cute tonight and by cute I mean hot!!  I made it home safe luv.  I love you

May 31, 2011
Hey baby! How's ur morning going? I love you!! Ps. I got my vows done!

June 4, 2011
Cant wait 2 c u hottie
- - - 

What makes you pathetically sappy?!
Happy new week, Lovelies.


  1. This is so cute! :) I also save the majority of text messages my man sends me!!! Glad I'm not the only one. ;)

  2. I have a box of notes at my parent's house that my hubs & I passed back and forth in the halls of our high school. Makes me smile, makes me blush, makes me so glad to be in love. I really need to bring them home with me next time. Happy anniversary(ish)!

  3. I save the sweet texts, too. Very sweet.

  4. Oh. my. goodness. You lucky girl! Definitely worth saving.

  5. Those are definitely worth saving! I like to keep some of the ones from my hubs too!

  6. How fun!! I love going through our old notes, too {no texts, though!} so this is SO awesome!! Happy marriage celebrating!!

  7. Apparently I am such a sap, too, because I am tearing up over here. SO BEAUTIFUL!

  8. This is really cute..wish I had saved some from my man!


  9. This is adorable - you two are so cute together :)

    I also have all my texts saved on my american cell phone from when Jurgen and I were doing distance - I also have all the voice mails saved :)


  10. It's so nice to read a post from someone who is so happy and in love with her spouse :)

  11. Oh my goodness..can I just tell you that when we were dating I not only saved my husband's texts but then copied them into a word document to save them forever! HA

    I am SO glad I am not that only one that did that ha ha

    I love it though, happy 9 months! :)

  12. This is adorable. And by the way, I do this too... so glad I'm not the only "pathetic sap". I'm a new follower and I'm really enjoying reading through your blog. :)

  13. I definitely don't think you're a sap. Actually, it made me take a look back into some of my messages, and I wish I had kept some of the very early ones for memories like the ones you shared. It's such a small (but special) little reminder of how much Adam loves you, and I'm so glad you've held onto them. Love in the little things just makes love so much bigger in life.

  14. Hii! I'm new to your blog but I just wanted to say hi and what a cute blog you have! I can't read more blogs in the future. =)

  15. thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! i am so glad i found yours too- we save all our old texts from when we were dating and its such a fun thing to read! (we saved it in a word document ...) its like a journal of flirtyness- love it! I am your newest follower and I am really excited to read more!