What Can Happen In Nine Months

Hubs and I recently celebrating nine awesome months of marriage.
It's really quite exciting. . . that being a whole three quarters of a year and all.
Then I had this epiphany.
Do you know what can happen in nine months?!

One can full on create and grow a brand new tiny human being.
Whoooaaaa.  Dude.  We could totally be about to become parents right about now.
Had we just gotten on that whole honeymoon-baby-band-wagon.
Now wouldn't that have knotted our knickers and give us an adorable run for our money?!

In other random news, I will enjoy sleeping through the night tonight. . . 
and continue to pin all that irresistable baby stuff on Pinterest for someday when I need it.

Hey you little baby, you!  
You may just be a happy sunshine thought in our heads right now. . . 
but we really are kind of excited to meet you someday in the future.
Love You Babykins!
 Mommy & Daddy


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  2. Babies look good on you! ;) Congrats on 9 months of marriage!!

  3. All those kids are so adorable! Kids are such a blessing :)

  4. we celebrated our 9 month anniversary with a baby. it was good times. you should try it. sleeping is so overrated

  5. That last pic just shows what adorable parents you guys are going to be one day! I can't wait to be a mom too, one day! xo

  6. So precious! We celebrated nine months of marriage last month, and I had the EXACT same thought. As much as I seriously can't wait for babies in a couple years, I'm glad I don't have a 1 month old right now :)

  7. Happy nine months of marriage!!

  8. You are so cute and would make adorable parents!

  9. I thought the same things when we hit 9 months, it's crazy! You guys should do the thing online where you put pictures of each of you and it mashes them up and shows you what your baby will look like to celebrate!


  10. Congratulations on nine months! You two will make great parents :)

  11. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! :)

  12. I'm sure if you keep doing things like the helping disoriented people, God will reward you with beautiful children that will be just as kind as you and your husband.

    Congratulations on 9 months and many more to come!


  13. Yay for 9 months :) Doesn't marriage go by so fast! Pregnancy goes by even quicker!

  14. cute photos! 9 months is amazingly short and long all at once... =) Congrats!
    nancy @ adore to adorn

  15. Hi, Nicole!! You'll be a great momma! And it's actually 10 months, so maybe next month!

    Wanted to let you know I put your button on my Blogs I Love page on my brand new site. Check it out at www.thesearemyreasons.com.

    Having a great, sunny day in Ohio! Hope your weather rocks too!

    1. Hey Dear.

      I am really touched and honored.

      Also, I saw your blog post today about Ava. . . is that a friend's child? I am really so sorry and tried to search around on your blog for more on her story. Know that I am lifting up the family and friends. Thankful that God knows who they are, even if I don't.

      Happy Wednesday to you, friend.

    2. Yes, dear friends. Their only child. I appreciate your love. Here is a link to a piece I wrote nearly two years ago when she was diagnosed. http://www.mariettatimes.com/page/content.detail/id/520702/Prayers-and-more-for-little-Ava.html. You can find more on her at avanichols.org.

      And I could use your prayers Saturday at 11, when I attempt to speak on her behalf at her funeral.

      I'll have a button soon to share, if you'd like. In the meantime, you keep believing in yourself and your dreams. You are so young, and you have great potential.

      Keep writing!

  16. Oh I too cannot wait for our future little one. It's interesting to think about how we care so much about someone who doesn't even exist yet..

  17. WOW, babies sure do look good on you two. :) They will rock your world in the most amazing way! Sweet sweet post. Happy 9 months -now go make a baby!

  18. you guys will make AWESOME parents for sure :) all these pictures are so so cute. 9 months is a long and short amount of time all at once! it's crazy!

    xo, Lulu

  19. haha my hubs and I feel the same way! We'll be celebrating our 1 yr. anniversary 4/30/12! Crazy how time flies! Happy 9 months to y'all!