Why I'm The Only Person Who Cries At Track Meets

{cira 2011, sisters' meet}

You know that Christmas song that goes
'sometimes Christmas makes me cry'?
Well sometimes track meets make me cry.

Take for example last night.
I drove a bus full of high school girls to a huge track and field event.
Deciding to brave the cold wind for some popcorn and break from inside the bus,
I ventured into the stands.

I'm not even lying.  Just 48.3 seconds after sitting down on that cold metal seat,
my chest heaved with a little sob and I felt my eyes burning with unshed tears.
Ahh, I thought to myself.  It's these dang runners that do this to me every time. . . 

Now before you judge me for being a pathetic blob of hormones which I actually just might be
hear me out.

Whenever I watch a runner round the corner,
hear an encouraging dad shouting GO ___, YOU GOT THIS! GO! 
see that baton thrust into the hands of a waiting team mate
or see that joyful stumble across the finish line,
I feel this inexplicable urge to burst into sympathetic tears.

Because to be honest
sometimes I feel like that's my life.

As I run through life
I feel the burn in my lungs
the aching in the legs
the weariness over the long track stretching ahead.
Some days it's hard to keep that one foot in front of the other.
It feels like I'm barely crawling along the asphalt track.  Fingers clawing me ahead.

But I'm thankful that, because I believe in Jesus,
there is a purpose to the race.  To life.
I'm so thankful for the hope and peace in the middle of the weariness.
I'm thankful that there is One who is cheering me on, as if yelling from the stands 
GO NICOLE!  You got this.  Don't stop.  Keep running.  

And that's what makes endurance possible.

So whatever you are facing today. . . 


Empty bank accounts



Questions about life

A broken heart

Health problems




A broken car

No work

Marriage problems

Weariness. . .

Can I encourage you to keep on!?  Keep running.  There can be purpose to life.  
Seek that purpose and One who gives it.
Because someday, we will make it to the finish line.  And it will be worth it all.
If we never stop running.

And the next time you happen to be sitting next to me at a track meet
you'll know why my chest is shaking and my eyes seem shiny. . . 

That would be a good time to pass me some more chocolate and popcorn.

- - - 

{Do you have something in your life you would like prayer for?!  Please email me.  I would love to be here for you.}  


  1. Nicole, I cry all the time, even at track meets like you do. I'm not sure what it is but I feel the triumph of the winners, and disappointment of the others. The pain. They joy. The struggle. The long road. I cry all the time! And this post couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. There are so many families and children in Fiji that could do with a prayer. I've posted about the massive flooding (resulting in my cancelled but re-booked flight) in the country. I hope you can spare a few minutes of your prayer time for them <3

  2. First of all, I love and APPRECIATE this post so much. It spoke to my heart, most certainly, and was encouragement when I need it very much. Secondly, I KNEW you looked familiar...I went to Mid-Praire High School! Did you go there or somewhere close by? You look so familiar to me, we must have met at some point?! What a small world. :) I graduated in 1995. Have we met??


  3. Nicole, tear up at the oddest things too. What an awesome post! I love track meets or cross country meets and I tear up too (even when it is just my mom texting me a picture). I think why I year up is because I know all the hard work my sister or er teammates put in and I'm so proud of them when that work pays off. I loved what you put into your post though. I never thought about it that way, but it is such a cool comparison! Thanks for sharing.
    ...I wonder if God tears up when He sees us finally obeying Him or relaxing our grip in life and surrendering to Him? Or maybe it's just me that cries when I see God getting glory for my life...and I know it's nothing I could have done with out Him in me. Idk. I'm rambling. Thanks again for the post, and no...you're not the only one. =)
    Alesha <3

  4. Love this - you are so great at writing such heartfelt encouraging posts! Which is why I awarded you the Verstaile Blogger Award! { http://www.discovercreatelive.com/2012/03/weekend-away-verstatile-blogger-award.html } && Way to be supportive of your sister!

  5. What an incredible perspective! And I so agree, it's so good to know we have a purpose in this race. For I know I could never keep running without Jesus.

  6. I love this! so true and so encouraging!

  7. You're not alone. There is something raw and primal about running--as you know since it's your chosen workout, you brave soul, you. I hated it. Yet in the simple act of pushing herself, a runner can depict the human struggle so vividly--it's just her against her own weakness, spurred on by whatever hope she holds inside and whatever encouragement others offer. You're right to see profundity there.

  8. This post is all sorts of beautiful and encouraging. I'm a new follower <3

  9. oh.my. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment so I could come over to check yours out and read THIS post!! It is something I needed to read very badly! So thank you for sharing :)

  10. great post! you have a nice blog

  11. This post made me tear up! I know exactly what you're talking about. This weekend I went to see a music festival in a township in South Africa. These places are riddled with crime, poverty, and drugs. This group of teenage boys put on the most amazing dance performance and I sat there with tears rolling down my cheeks. Not only because they were amazing, but also because I was so proud of them for doing something positive with their life and for setting a good example for those around them :)


  12. I can so relate. What an encouraging post too...thank you!

  13. I used to do track back in middle school! I loved it! I miss it terribly too! I have a trophy as well!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I followed :)