World's Biggest Girl Party

Thank you thank you thank you for all your sweet words of encouragement after yesterday's post.  Your uplifting thoughts, your emails, your comments.  Laying my heart out for everyone can be vulnerable at times, yet it's so comforting knowing that so many of you have been so real yourselves and shared your life and hearts with me.  Thank you for that.  This is the beauty of the blogging community at work.

Which leads me to my crazy idea. . .

The true heart of blogging -- in my mind is this.  Meeting girls from literally around the world that have common life factors with us.  Relationships bud.  Friendships grow.  Hearts and lives are touched.   Take for example my friend living in France.  Husband and I hope to visit them on our backpacking trip next year.  Also my adorable fellow redhead who used her Shine Project Pass It Forward Card to send me a gift card to Forever 21 last week.  Literally brought tears to my eyes and made me so grateful for that hug from God.  These girls and many more have begun to share their life with me and it means so much.

After meeting so many sweet kindred spirits, I got to thinking, there have to be heaps more just like them and I wanna meet them now!!  Then my idea for the world's biggest girl party was born.  What if we could have one massive girlfriend party.  A party where we could get just a little closer as sisters, wives, mamas and friends.  And as we get to know each other a bit deeper and open our hearts just a little bit more, I believe kindred spirits will be found, life long friendships will be born and all that love with be just a little bit

So here's the skinny, yo.   Shoot me an email sharing in up to five sentences, something about you.  Try to make it more than 'Hi. My name is Suzy. I study underwater basket weaving. I have a pet giraffe.'
{ok. that would actually all be pretty cool so please share if that's you.}

Regaaardless.  Will you share in several sentences something real and deep about yourself?!  Something about your family.  Your life.  Your passions.  Be sure to add a sweet little photo of you and the special people in your life.  Maybe a photo of you doing what you love.  Or even with your pet giraffe if you have one.

The big party will be on Monday, April 2.  Come right back to this little corner of the webs and you will find your photo and story being shared here in our huge virtual party.  Annnd the best part is that not only will heaps of new people head over to your bloggy corner to learn more about you, but you will be able to meet so many new lovelies, it will blow your mind.

Sooo. . . crazy idea no?!  If you'd like to join the party, please email me your photo and story to nicole{dot}neesby{at}gmail{dot}com then grab a button for your blog to spread the love.  Tell your friends. And let's literally explode the web with true, genuine love.

See ya at the party!

The Neesby Lookbook: The Girl Party

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  1. you are sooooo smart!! :D totally doing this!!

  2. oh, and fyi, these pictures are DARLING!!! (:

  3. This is an absolutely fabulous idea. I can't wait to "meet" everyone!

  4. A brilliant idea and so much fun


  5. sounds fun! I'll be sure to join in

  6. I better be that friend in France you are going to see on a backpacking trip next year!! :) Just kidding, I know it's me cuz I looked at the link... hehe Can't wait!

    Oh and great idea about the blogging party! Sign me up! (i'll send the info later)

  7. why cant i find your email?? i want to send you one!

  8. I'm so excited! What a great idea! I am so thankful for all of these amazing blogger friends! And I love seeing your passion and excitement for these new relationships :) I'm sending you an email!

  9. I totally want to do this! I will email you about it but I want to make sure I send you an email with boring sentences about me!! haha

  10. This is SUCH an awesome idea! Thanks so much for the invite and I will definitely be attending :)

    You're the sweetest!


  11. Love this idea. So brilliant.

  12. I love this! Great idea. I'll definitely try and email you!

  13. Amazing idea! I can't wait till April 2nd!

  14. you're so creative Nicole. i miss you and hope to see you soon!

  15. You are a natural born leader and lover of mankind! What a wonderful idea!

  16. So doing this! Fantastic idea, quite a-maze-ing, m'dear!

    Keep on keeping on,

  17. I'm so glad I found your blog on time! Because I am going to join in on this party. Sounds like so much fun. :)